Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Craft Hell

I am sitting in craft hell right now. It looks as though a volcano erupted in my kitchen spewing out rubber stamps, paper, bottle caps, beads, paint, and all kinds of pom pom and pipe cleaner things. My sewing machine is sitting on top of a book shelf just out of reach, there are half organized boxes of photos EVERYWHERE, and all I can do is stare at the chaos and then get on the computer and check out craigslist pets section and google photoshop tutorials. How did this happen? Do I really have his much crap??? Guess so.
The plan was to make the kitchen my own private crafting retreat where I can still watch over the kids and work on my things. Well, I have so much stuff I can't seem to make it that nice, clean, relaxing space I needed. I think it really must be the whole 3 kids under 4 thing... I guess that could make life a little crazy. I will get up and TRY to organize my stuff, but then its time for breakfast and I gotta cook. then I gotta clean and play... and all that stuff. After that the 1 year old has a nap, so I try again and the 4 month old wakes up to eat. Okay, feed, burp. Back to work. Whats this? 4 year old wants me to play dinosaurs and flying cars with him. Okay... but just for a bit. Mommy has stuff to do.
and now, I have to run because Kayden (4 year old) just hit Jett (1 year old) and they woke up Kael (baby). Hooray for bed time. only one more hour!