Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures of the Twilight Live podcast in LA part one...

When I went to LA last month, I went straight from the airport to the book store where I helped out with (read: wandered around and did things occasionally when asked to, and then took pictures...) the Twilight Live podcast. It was a blast. I got to meet some really fun people, listen to some talented musicians, and briefly meet some of the actors from the Twilight movie. It really was a good time and I am so happy I was there.

The Twilight Music Girls performed some songs during the podcast and they really were very good. For the most part I don't actually listen to any of the Twilight inspired bands, they just are not really my thing... But I have to say these girls had real talent. The songs were not too obviously Twilighty... and I liked the sound of the music. I liked the song Breathless best I think, sung by Lyndzie Taylor. She's my favorite :)

More pictures coming tomorrow :)

Jekyll and Hyde sped up...

Last night, or more correctly very early this morning... My sister, cousin, and I were entertaining ourselves watching video's on YouTube and we came across these 2 gems.

I seriously can't stop laughing when I watch them. Jekyll and Hyde is one of the best shows I have EVER seen, I was lucky enough to see it with the Original Broadway Cast, Linda Eder and Robert Cucciolli were phenomenal. The Hoff did not do the part justice at all, his voice and acting irritate me. But these video's of The Hoff singing bring me great joy ;)

Is it sad that I think he does better in this part as a chipmunk?

Seriously... that first part of the first one makes me cry I am laughing so hard :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

SO many things...

There are so many things I have not had time to blog the last few months... I don't know how to even TRY to catch up.

First thing, I went to LA and photographed the Twilight Premier on the red carpet for and it went smashingly ;) I came home with about 1300 pictures for 2 days... I took pictures of the Twilight Live podcast (which was so much fun, and very well organized) I still have to finish editing and resizing those... but they will be done eventually, and then I will post them :)

I got some really great shots on the carpet, and was able to meet most of the people in the movie. I got hugs from Steph when she saw me, and she got lipstick all over my face LOL! I got hugs from Ashley and Rachelle when they recognized me as the girl who gave them their necklaces. Both of them told me they wear them all the time, and Peter told me the day before that Jennie loves hers and wears it as well. Nikki was sad because she never got hers, so I am sending another. Everyone from the cast was so wonderfully nice, and I had the best time. After the red carpet Kirsten, Britten and I went to an after party hosted by the lovely people doing TwiCon, then we went to the REAL after party where my friend Mary and I got to go in for a while... more on that soon.

I can't wait to show you all the pictures from LA, but in the mean time here are a couple...

I have a TON more, but those should do for now :)

2 days after coming home from LA I went to Utah and we were there through Thanksgiving. We had a nice time relaxing there.

I will update again soon and hopefully have more pictures of everything we have been up to.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tomorrow I leave for LA again... I will spend a good portion of the day once I arrive helping out with a podcast where several of the actors from the Twilight Movie will be participating, as well as people from a good number of the top Twilight fan sites. My friend Britten will be on there representing TwilightMOMS. Then we will meet up with some other friends that night and just hang out.

On Monday, I will be at the red carpet for the Twilight Premier :) I will be interviewing people as they come down the carpet and taking photo's for!!!! I am really excited... and also really really nervous. I am still learning how to use this new camera of mine. And there is SOOOO much to learn and to know.

So... wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed that I will get some good shots :) Also, maybe send some healthy mojo out into the universe for me as I seem to have lost my voice, YET AGAIN! I kinda need my voice on Monday so I can interview people LOL!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

That kiss... *dies*

Holy Shazam BATMAN!


Things that require special attention... or at least watching multiple times:

"Say it. Out loud. Say it."

"I just want to try one thing..." *gasp* *squeel* *faint*

"You ARE my life now."

Aaaand... Georgia dies. LOOK at what you have DONE to me Stephenie Meyer!

Thank you!!! :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

But I followed ALL the steps?!?!?

Arg. I checked the mail yesterday ( I only check it every few days) and I found a letter from the State Voter registration people... It seems that when I registered, somehow I missed some vital step in proving who I am... Not sure which step that was, as I followed each of them very closely, but whatever. According to the letter I needed to re-register and provide some more information, the part that is very Grrrr inducing is that in order to be allowed to vote I would have needed to have this done and into their office TODAY... And that was not able to happen.

I am very frustrated.

Very VERY frustrated.

At least I can watch this and get some giggles... I think I am in love with Tina Fey, she is hilarious :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lets Play "Wall Street Bail Out"!

I also recommend this site... I have TONS of shit I can add!!!

This excerpt is taken from their site...

With our economy in crisis, the US Government is scrambling to rescue our banks by purchasing their "distressed assets", i.e., assets that no one else wants to buy from them. We figured that instead of protesting this plan, we'd give regular Americans the same opportunity to sell their bad assets to the government. We need your help and you need the Government's help!

Use the form below to submit bad assets you'd like the government to take off your hands. And remember, when estimating the value of your 1997 limited edition Hanson single CD "MMMbop", it's not what you can sell these items for that matters, it's what you think they are worth. The fact that you think they are worth more than anyone will buy them for is what makes them bad assets.

Perhaps I can add my overgrown weeds in my backyard... I imagine they are worth a lot... Oh and the dog poop I have not picked up yet today!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hoh Rainforest

Last friday (9-12-08) we visited the Hoh Rainforest. My pictures could never do justice to the beauty and magic of that place...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Port Angeles

Some of my photo's from Port Angeles. Many more to come!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home again

I am not sure I have the words yet... I don't know if there are words. For now I will let some pictures do it for me. I have about 800 pictures to sift through so I hope to be adding more over the next several days. I am still learning to use my camera... I don't have a clue how to do so many things. But I did get a few pictures that turned out beautifully :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Forks... HERE I COME!

In about 32 hours I will be leaving my house. My hubby will drive me to the airport, where I will meet my loverly friend Kendra.

Kendra and I will then board a plane destined for Seattle. Upon arriving in Seattle we will meet up with the ever fabulous duo Kirsten and Britten.

The four of us will kick it at the airport for a while as we all wait for everyone to arrive... there will be lots of us!

These ladies will be all be there:

As will a few others I have not met yet. 27 of us in all... in the group I am in! There will be other groups, and there are people in those groups that I am looking forward to meeting as well :)

There will be a dinner at Bella Italias, there will be a Bon Fire at First Beach... there will be hiking in the Hoh Rainforest, and letter boxing at First Beach. We will have our own Ya-Ya campfire at our cabin complete with headdresses we have each made ourselves. There will be breakfast at the Forks Coffee shop :) There will be fun, and magic, and friends... and I can't WAIT!

I sure hope Forks is ready for us!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Camera

I have been playing with my new camera :) I bought the Canon EOS 450D (it is soooo nifty!) And I have been playing with it when I can. I can't wait to use it in Forks!!!

Are there any Canon users out there who would like to recommend their favorite lenses to me???

Things I want to take photo's of:

My kids
My jewelry
General landscape and scenery

I welcome all suggestions :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Weeks...

Three weeks.

In only THREE weeks I will be stepping off of a plane in Seattle...

I will be seeing my friends again...

I will be going to the little town of Forks Washington...

In only three weeks.

I sure hope Forks is ready for us!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

For Good

Last week I had the most incredible opportunity to go to LA for a few days and meet some of my best friends for the very first time. It was one of those experiences I can't quite explain... Words fail me, there are not words that describe exactly what it was like. I can say it was amazing, or wonderful... or magical... But none of those words fully convey what it was truly like to be there. I want to at least get the outline of the weekend down, and then post lots of pictures... But I really wish I had the words to describe in detail what it felt like to be with some of these people. My world is changed.

First off, I have to thank my husband, he is my favorite person in the world. I love you Chad! The whole experience happened because of him. Chad bought us some tickets to the LA Breaking Dawn Concert with Stephenie Meyer and Justin Furstenfeld, and can I tell you the concert was SO much fun! And Justin Furstenfeld is officially at the top of my cool people list... I have always liked angsty rock boys anyways, and he is SO fantastically amazing. He is talented, and soulful and his music ranges from slightly tortured to hopeful... LOVE it! Plus his hair rocks, and he wears eye liner... *sigh*

At the concert I met SO MANY people that I know from online, but have never met in person... I mean LOTS of people. Every time I turned around there was someone else that I knew, it was like a huge convention of people from TwilightMOMS. It was GREAT! I had no idea so many of them would be there, I was totally blown away. Catherine Hardwicke (Director of the Twilight Movie) was even at the concert, at least for a little while before she was mobbed by a huge crowd of girls wanting her autograph. Also in attendance that evening was Levar Burton and his daughter!

Anyways, like I said before, the concert was great, I cried several times when Justin sang. After the concert was a blast, we just sat in the auditorium for a while so we didn't have to fight the crowds, and ended up being almost at the back of the line. A few people came and found me to tell me Steph was asking where I was (insert fan girl squeeling here) which made me smile... I know, I am a dork. But that was established long ago. Finally we made it to where Stephenie was signing books, and said hi, we didn't say much else, there was a crazy collector guy (A few of us have named him Angry Sweaty Guy) in line who was yelling at a security guard about something and everyone was obviously a little freaked out... So we just said our hello's and moved along :) I was excited because I finally got to meet Elizabeth, Steph's publicist, whom I get to talk with via email but had never met until last Thursday.

After we were all out of the signing a group of us decided to get some food at Denny's... and middle of the night insanity ensued. And finally around 3 or 4 in the morning we all made it back to our hotel rooms and crawled into bed. Here, again I need to give my hubby kudos as we were sharing a room with 2 other women that night and he was the only representative of the male species. We were all collapsing into fits of giggles at this point and couldn't for the life of us figure out what was so funny :)

The next morning (Friday) we all woke up, an Chad had to work (sucks I know!) so I went with all the ladies to get some lunch, and then we took a bus to Santa Monica Piers. SUCH A BLAST! We rode the carousel, ate cotton candy, played in the surf, rode the Ferris Wheel, and basically just played around. When it was time to leave we grabbed a cab and went back to the Hotel... where Chad told me he had bought us tickets to see Wicked! *Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

I have wanted to see Wicked for several YEARS now, and finally being able to see it was just the icing on the best couple of days EVER. The set was just amazing. And the cast was just as good as what I have heard of the Original Broadway Cast. I cried during this show too. There was one part in particular that really just touched me, towards the end of the show Elphaba and Glinda sing a song called For Good. And as cheesy as it is, it made me think of the magical time I had had the last couple days with my friends, and I couldn't hold back my tears :) Here is a little section of the lyrics.

I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason
bringing something we must learn
and we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them
and we help them in return

now I don't know if I believe that that is true
but I know I'm who I am today because I knew you...

like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes the sun,
like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood...
who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you I have been changed for good

It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime
so let me say before we part: so much of me is what I have learned from you
you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart
now whatever way our stories may end I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend...

Like a ship blown from it's mooring by a wind off the sea
like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distant wood who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you... I have been changed for good

There are so many things that happened... And I just can't describe any of it in a way that will give it all justice. But I think that song at least describes some of it.

My husband is the best husband in the world. Ever!
My friends are the best friends in the world. Ever!
I am blessed :)


I will post more of the pictures tomorrow in another post... I have SO many to go through, I am having a hard time choosing which ones to post!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Help me out Twilight Fans!

Check this OUT!!!

Tomorrow I will be doing a chat, along with Kimmy West ( and Kaleb Nation (Twilight Guy) on

Help me out and send some good questions our way!

Please submit your questions HERE anytime before the chat tomorrow.

I know some of you probably have some really good questions! Go submit them!!! I will do my best to answer what I can :)


Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay, I saw this on my friends blog, and decided to play :)

Basically, if you want to play along, all you need to do is leave your favorite memory of you and I in the comments. And then, I will in turn leave My favorite memory of us in your blog, if you start a "memories" blog, or I can leave it here in my comments.

Simple no?

So... Yeah. What is your favorite memory of us? This could be interesting since I have not actually met some of you in person LOL.

OH! And before I forget... I am working on a new blog. I am not sure when it will be finished, but when it is I will let everyone know!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Ashley Greene is spotted... wearing a GYPSY WINGS NECKLACE! :)

Sooo... I am sitting here, checking a few blogs and I see an update on Twilight Series Theories that there are some new pictures of Ashley Greene ( The Actress playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight movie...) on Ashley Greene Online... So I click over to look... And what do I see?????

Lets take a closer look shall we???

I was all happy before when it was mentioned on the MTV Movies Blog... But right now I am beyond thrilled! I am sooo happy she likes it!

The Dance of Friendship

Last September as I was blessed to "meet" a group of women who really really have changed so much in my life. Truth be told I have never met most of these women face to face. I may never meet some of them face to face... Although I really really hope to one day. But we have created such a strong bond we rarely go a day without checking in with each other, either through phone calls or email.

This morning I received this in my email from one of these beautiful people. And I wanted to share it here.

I saw this piece tonight on So You Think You Can Dance and it brought me to tears. Not just because the dance itself was beautiful and moving emotionally on its own, but because it reminded me of all of you - your beauty, your grace, your kindness and your constant friendship and charity.

It was also very symbolic - the part where one girl fell off the stage into the other dancers' arms and then the other fell back onto them and they rocked her back up to the stage reminded me of how we are all there for each other through the trials we individually face in our own lives - how we catch one of us whose falling and then are ready to comfort another.

I was especially touched by the very end - when the last girl's hand came up to reach for something that wasn't there and the other one caught it and brought it down to rest on her head. It was like even though we are all spread out over this planet, we reach out for each other every day and find someone's hand to hold, or wise council to receive or funny craziness to laugh at, or special insight to share, even if it only is through cyberspace ;)

Love to you all, my angels:

I loved this dance... And it really does speak to the true meaning of friendship. Much love to you Britten, and to the rest of my beautiful friends, whether you are someone who like me received this email this morning, or you are one of my wonderful blogging friends, or one of the friends I am lucky enough to know outside of the cyber world.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can Mrs. Cranston please come to the Kids Club?

Today at the gym while I was working out furiously I hear my voice being announced over the loudspeaker... At first I thought something really cool had happened because it is Customer Appreciation Day at my gym and I was hoping I won something nifty, like maybe a years worth of free personal training and healthy meals prepared by my own personal chef... But as I listened closer I heard that sadly I had not won anything, I was just being called to the Kids Club.

Turns out Kael (my youngest) had told one of the new ladies that he needed to go to the bathroom... Kael is NOT potty trained... So she let him into the bathroom and after a few minutes knocked on the door to check on him. He told her to "hold on a minute" which sounds like "hoed onna mint". So a couple minutes later she knocks again, and this time cracks the door open to check. Kael had removed his shorts and thrown them on the floor, he had also taken off his diaper and attempted to FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET! Effectively flooding the bathroom, and soaking his shorts which were on the floor.

When I arrived, Kael had been moved into the other bathroom (for privacy since he was at this point mostly naked) and a maintenance woman was busy at work cleaning the bathroom he had flooded so efficiently. Well, I was not prepared with an extra pair of shorts for him, but I did have a pull up in my backpack. Praise the lord. So, when we left the gym a few minutes later Kael was totally stylin' with his t-shirt and pull up ensemble. On the way out I saw a few people giggling... I was very glad that I had that pull up packed in my gym bag... toting him out there with his junk all over the place would have been just fabulous... Without a doubt he would have grabbed said junk and said something horribly embarrassing like "wook at my wiener!".

Good times...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kayden: On saving the planet and killing bad guys...

Kayden: Mom, can I play Halo 3 please?

Me: No... I don't want you to play that game, it is not a good game for kids.

Kayden: *slightly louder and whinier than his first request* But MOM! I LOOOOOOVE that game! Why can't I play it?

Me: There is too much violence in it... it is a daddy game. I don't want you to play games where they shoot each-other and beat each-other up and kill each-other.

Kayden: *nearing full blown hysteria* BUT MAAAWWWWWMMMMMM! It's to kill the BAD guys!

Me: I don't want you to think that is okay... It is not okay to kill. I am not letting you play that game... Go play Viva Pinata or Ratatouille or something.

Kayden: *giving me MAJOR attitude to the point I SWEAR he almost did the Z snap...* But WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THE PLANET! How can I save the planet without killing the bad guys huh? What if I am walking down the street and a bad guy comes up to me and aims at me??? I HAVE TO KILL HIM! Saving the Planet is IMPORTANT! I learned all about how important it is to save our planet at school, we are supposed to recycle and conserve... And I HAVE to save the stupid planet! I want to be in the army so I can save the planet... (incoherent mumbling and complaining...)

Summer break has not even started yet for his school, and already I am ready for the break to end...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happiness... found! Creativity... LOST!

I used to write... a lot. Words would just pour out of me. Now, not so much.

I got happy, and somehow I lost my words. My words were fueled by some kind of inner sadness, and now that its gone I cannot write!

I also am unable to draw, or take very interesting photo's... I can still make jewelry though.

I am not sure how I feel about this...

Maybe I need to load up my ipod with slow melancholy songs and read that section in The Host... You know, the section where Wanderer makes a certain decision, and there is some begging and a lie, and a sacrifice... Yeah that section. Maybe that would do the trick.

Meanwhile I guess I will go around smiling and happy like my picture here, even though I seem to have lost my words.

Monday, May 05, 2008

30 seconds of fan girl bliss...

Most of you are quite aware that I am Georgia by day.... and obsessed crazy fan girl by night... and well... day too I suppose. Well, the teaser trailer came out today for Twilight... and if you are a fan, then I think you will be dazzled... I sure was.

Twilight in HD

And to watch it full screen, which you should... I have about 18 times now... just go HERE.

That is all.

In the name of Edward Cullen... Amen.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We finally did it...

We finally broke down and decided it was time to cut Kael's hair... It was painful.

Here we are waiting for our turn...

Kael is in the chair... look at those loooong curls!

The cutting process...

The damage... this is aside from the 8 inch long ponytail I have saved in a plastic bag.

And FINALLY... The Boy, who will no longer be mistaken for a girl.