Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Jacob

Sarah and Baby Jacob

When I was in Utah last week I had the opportunity to hang out with my old friend Sarah. She has a new baby boy and he was just ADORABLE!

Jacob Toes

Tiny fist

Swirly hair

I think the one with his toes could be a bit sharper... but I am happy with these!

I have MANY MANY photo's from Utah, some of my sister, and my friend Lisa... and lots more. I will try to get more up this weekend! Also, keep an eye on the blog because I have a really fabulous giveaway planned!!! YEAH!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Zoe

More Zoe

To see this larger go HERE.

I will be in Utah next week... I am looking forward to seeing some good friends and doing a few photo shoots there. I plan to spend some time photographing my lovely friend Sarah and her new baby, my super amazing friend THE Lisa, My girl Special K, and who knows, maybe some other people too! I hope I have enough time to see everyone. I miss you ALL!!!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Meet Zoe...

She likes to wear bright orange pants, with her hair in a side ponytail and heart shaped sunglasses...

She likes to read, a lot, and thinks Harry Potter was the best series ever... until she discovered Mortal Instruments... and then she said that was the best series ever, but only because Potter was over... And because "Jace is hot".


She used to sneak into my room when I was sleeping and hide under my bed waiting for me to wake up. She also would sleep walk to the kitchen to get herself chocolate milk.

She and I share the same crazy personality, and if I were still 18 we would probably share the same crazy wardrobe.

She likes Napoleon Dynamite...

She likes Napoleon Dynamite, and Nacho Libre... Because she has amazing taste in movies, just like me.

She is my cousin, and I adore her :)

Monday, March 02, 2009


I loved this short film, made by photographer Zack Arias. I especially LOVE the ending.

"Every photographer, in all of history, was a horrible photographer for some period of time. They learned. They grew. They had dark days. They persevered... That, is the way of the artist. Just be patient, keep on going. Transformation takes time, and from what I've seen in my life... It really is worth the wait."