Saturday, December 08, 2007

Paua Shell Pendants

I listed some more items in my shop tonight... One of them was this Paua Shell Pendant Necklace. I have several more of these that I will be listing over the next few days. I am excited to be offering these at a little bit lower price than some of my other pieces. They do not take as much time to make because I do not have to cut glass for them. But I think they are very beautiful. I have always loved the look of Abalone (Paua shell is a variety of Abalone from New Zealand). Come by and take a look!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Soup, Salad, Breadsticks, and Dr. Cullen...

Jakeward the Bear, and the worlds first ever Dr. Cullen...

Last Saturday I had a lovely dinner date with my new friend Kendra. I met Kendra in October in the forums of our Twilight Mom's group,(Yes, I am completely obsessed with the Twilight series... I believe I have made that abundantly clear with my gushing on and on about the books... WELL, apparently I am not alone and there is a WEBSITE for all of us crazy obsessed mom's to go hang out and discuss the finer points of the books) and we instantly hit it off. Kendra also lives in Arizona, a few hours away from me... So, naturally we began scheming and plotting a meeting as soon as was humanly possible. That meeting finally happened last weekend at The Olive Garden in Mesa.

As I ran in the door (a few minutes late) I saw Kendra standing there waiting with a big huge gift bag! We sat down and exchanged gifts, I gave her a tin full of magnets made using butterfly wings. She gave me the worlds most awesomesuperfantastc gift EVER :) She gave me that adorable squishy soft Team Switzerland bear (I have named him Jakeward), the play lists for all three of the books in the series (Stephenie Meyer creates a play list for each of her books... always awesome music), and the worlds FIRST EVER Dr. Cullen (An inside joke, we started calling Dr. Pepper by the name of Dr. Cullen in tribute to our favorite doctor... YES I AM A TOTAL GEEK)!!!

We sat and talked and ate, and talked, and ate... and giggled, and laughed... and ate, and talked... and so on and so forth for FOUR HOURS. We literally stayed till they closed. We got there at 7 and slowly shuffled out the doors at 11, where we proceeded to talk for a while longer. It was SO fantastic. Kendra is one of the coolest, sweetest people I have ever met.

She might be here again in a week or so... and if she is we are going to see August Rush together. Also, the Twilight Mom's are planning a trip to Forks WA. Yes that is correct. A big group of us are planning to meet up in Seattle next September and we are doing a "tour" of the places in the books. We have already rented a BIG cabin in Forks for us to all stay in... the more the merrier if any of you Twilight Mom's who read my blog are interested... you should go to the Twilight Mom's site, sign up for the forums, and then go to the thread entitled Twilight Mom's Forks trip.. or something like that. You can PM the lady who is putting it all together and join in on all the fun!!! Oh, and there is a possibility that Stephenie Meyer will be in Forks that weekend as it will be on Stephenie Meyer day and Bella's birthday... *squeeeeeeee* But, back to my original topic...

Saturday was SO great, I can hardly wait to meet up with Kendra again. I believe she is officially my first online friend I have ever actually met in person. :) I am supposed to be meeting with a big group of them in Utah when I go out there for Christmas too, that is going to be so FUN! I love my Twilight friends:)

Once again, if you are a Twilight fan, come join us in our insanity! If you are not... then you need to read the books already!!! :)


Thursday, December 06, 2007

New items:)

I listed some new items in my shoppe yesterday and today, and re-listed a few older ones. I had a hard time pricing my new necklaces, but I hope I priced them fair. The Pointed Leafwing took FOREVER! :)

The Beaded Monarch Pendant Necklace

Grow Wings Monarch Pendant Necklace

And I FINALLY listed The Pointed Leafwing Necklace :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Joy, less Ugh.

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately... as made obvious by my last post. And I wasn't even sure exactly why I was feeling that way... I knew I was just starting to feel crazy. After sitting with my thoughts for awhile, and talking with a lovely friend, I began to realize that I just needed to take a step back for a moment and breathe. I need to reevaluate my priorities and perhaps shift some things around. And that is ok.

I was frustrated with my business, because I want to be making more money. And as a wife and mother of 3 young boys, it is HARD to get out of the house to do shows. Thea reminded me that I have this lovely thing at my fingertips called the internet (who knew?) and that I could take some steps to improve my business using just that. So, even though I would LOVE to be out working all the shows with my Mafia Familia, I will be happy doing what I can with the group, and not knocking myself out trying to do everything.

I was also frustrated with some issues at church... Well, there is nothing I can do to change the minds or perceptions of other people, but I can take control over myself. I know that everything that happened was because someone thought they were doing the right thing. I also know that it is time to let it die. I hate that I have held on to it for as long as I have. I know that what happened will most likely still irritate me from time to time, but I will not dwell on it. I will continue to live my life the ways I feel are right for me, and try not to worry about what other people tell me I need to live like. Also, I may ask to be released from my calling if I continue to feel overextended. I have never been one to do that, but I am slowly realizing that in order to function well I sometimes have to let go of some of the stress.

My husband works very long hours and is almost never home before 7 or 8 at night... many time it is even later than that, 10:00 at night is not a rare thing... and there has been quite a few times where he does not get home till 1 or 2 in the morning. This means that anytime I need to go to a meeting or anything related to my calling (which by the way is often) I need to call a babysitter, and right now we really can't afford a sitter much, so I don't end up going... Working in scouts has added significantly to the stress pile... While I REALLY like the woman I work with, and I also think the boys are fun, I don't really know if I can keep it up. I do not feel comfortable doing something if I cannot give it my all and do a good job. Right now I am not doing well at it, I have not made it to the meetings and even had to cancel one. I am still not sure if I will ask to be released or not, I need to think hard about it.

So, that is where I am at right now. I am feeling pretty good, not nearly so crazy as I was before. I am ready to focus on my family, and on finding ways to increase my business online so I can add to our income. I am also ready to take a step back when I need to and make sure I am taking care of myself a little bit too.

So, in an effort to increase business online I listed several items yesterday in my shoppe :)

Monarch Wing Earrings

And... Drum roll please :) The Delias Necklace. ( I love this one)

I also have some idea's in mind for a few new things to sell. Keep checking back, I will be posting regularly with new items for sale in my shoppe.