Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pear Salad... or Edward Salad, whatever :)

I am having a hard time thinking of things to post for this months Self Portrait Challenge. I keep thinking f photo's after the opportunity is gone. Like, Chad and I went camping this weekend... perfect chance to take some camp food pictures... I forgot :) I was cooking (I know a big shocker) the other night... like a REAL dinner. And I forgot. So, today I FINALLY remembered!

This is quite possibly the most delicious salad you will EVER taste... if you are lucky enough to taste it. My friend Jessica made it for me one night when we were having a movie night. And I have never been the same since. I mean, this salad has changed the way I look at salads. It may just be the most addicting thing I have ever tasted (aside from chocolate and Dr. Pepper... and Chicken Tika Masala...) It is like the heroin of salads. Ooohhhh. like if Edward were a salad! Seriously. SO.GOOD! Maybe I will rename it Edward Salad... It is SO fitting, because he is so delicious... Now I need a Jacob themed food... Some kind of dessert perhaps?