Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why my family is cool

My family is cool... We are quirky and bizarre... and we do odd things like send mass emails to each other featuring such subjects as David Hasselhoff, or Sasquatch... Or aliens...
This is the latest bit of emailing that has happened between us all... Admit it, you are jealous your family is not this cool ;) Or... you may be slightly appalled at our discussions... whatever. This is the stock that I came from...

Anatomical Parts Jewelry emails...

My mom wrote:

oh people!!!! I can't tell you how wonderful I think the "enema bag" pin is ..it's beyond decription.. if it weren"t so expensive...shucks! & I'm really not joking... anybody need to get me a gift...? it brings back memories ... georgia in celebration of your 3 boys in utero I think you should get the "uterous-(SP?) pin" & don't forget about the "colon" pin .... !!! such creative wonder!!! love Mom >>>link
Go here


Georgia wrote:

Perhaps a few of us can go in on it for you for
christmas... I like the enema bag pin with the butt...


My mom wrote:

I didn't see the one with the but! I think I've changed my mind it wouldn't be the greatest x-mas gift although the fallopian tube was rather clever... oh forget it.. people would just end up "staring" at whatever the pin was stuck on my jacket & it would end up being an annoying situation... " oh! why I've never seen a pin like that before.... OH Sue! I just love you! You always come up with something so different!!! heheheh oh!.... Iv'e just got to call you one of these days for a massage!!>>> so as you can see - let's just forget it - I think I am getting grouchy so I better go get some sleep...

love Mom


My mom wrote again:

To whom it may concern!...

I'm sorry but I am just laughing so deliriously I can hardly type.... ! I Georgia I have returned to the photo & I can't believe that it is actually a very strange looking butt... which it is indeed! & that I actually told everybody that was my pin of choice !.. I actually liked the plain enema/ hotwater bottle
pin-(with no human parts!)- the best because I thought for some strange reason the other one had the enema pin going into a womens "sternum" which was kind
of very strange in my mind that the anatomical pin creator would make it that way (when he was so very precise about the human anatomy in the other pins) ... so I thought! !!! I think I need to do some of those right & left brain hemisphere exercises so things transmit in my brain correctly. I need some specialized brain energy work!!! good night & good luck- love Sue/Mom


My Aunt Karen wrote:

It does look more like boobs and a sternum than a butt!
I can't find the other stuff


Georgia wrote:

Seriously, how can you not tell it's a butt? Look right in the middle...
it has a BUTT HOLE!


My cousin Marita wrote:

My dearest family,

I have finally had a chance to check my email today and couldn't help checking out this incredible piece of art. You do know I am about to finish my master's degree in Teaching Through the Arts come February. Anyways, Ka I was a bit disturbed that you thought this exquisite piece could be more like boobs and a sternum than a butt. My fine eye for art would ask you, what then is that sphincter in the middle of the "boobs." I was quite disturbed in trying to think about what it would be like to have a huge sphincter hole between my evergrowing breasts. Especially when the piece comes with it's own enema bag and tube to hook right in. This is all too much for a pregnant mother right now. But, thank you all for this cultural experience with arts.

Marita (and Ian who was making me breakfast)


Georgia wrote:

I too saw the sphincter... how could no one else see it for what it was? What on earth would a pair of boobs and a sternum with a hole have to do with an enema bag in the first place I ask you.


My Uncle Doug wrote: (Oh, and Dwayne and Neva are my grandparents... The parents of my mom, aunt and uncle. :) )

I honestly don't know what to say. Should I show concern about my sisters' well being? And by well being, I don't mean Colonic Health. Am I actually seeing that this has been copied to Dwayne and Neva?

Karen--- Boobs? Huh? Look again at the picture. Weren't you the one who endured the AUNT MARTHA ENEMA? So maybe you have psychologically blocked this obvious image out of your conscious mind, because of that fateful day in Mesa.

Dad would say, "Hoo, Let me show you my scar...", so so in this case, maybe I will a D. DWAYNE Brimhall, and rip open my shirt, revealing Brimhall chest hair, and showing ample Man Boobage, and say "Hoo, Let me show you my Sphincter." I keep my water bottle close to my chest to keep the water warm— When I am not in need of a good cleansing, I can use it Like a Camelback water hiking backpack, and suck on the tube to drink the stored water—my cleavage serves as the perfect spot to store the drinking end of the tube.

And look again at the picture. What do you think Abe is thinking?

I think the design of the earrings are all wrong. The bag part should hang from a piercing at the top of your ear, and then the tube is the stretched down and inserted into the inner ear. In fact, this could be modified to be used for hearing aids, iPod headphones, and Secret Service agent headsets.

This image makes me feel compelled to explore other things on the www.lunaparc.com website, but honestly, I don't know if I should open that can of worms. I'll never be able to shut it.


My Uncle Doug wrote again:

I'm sorry to do this to you, but I did jump to the Dark Side—here are other pages from this same glorious jewelry website:


Especially, please note the overall size and special heartwarming story on the "Colon of Joy".

And the special little fresh water pearl-y touch on the end of the—well, I better just have you find it yourselves.


Georgia Wrote:

Yes... The Colon of Joy story is a very touching one... Also the pearl "drip" was a nice touch... I mean, that particular piece of art would NOT be complete without the pearl "drip".


Zoe wrote:

That butt pin reminds me of what the tin mans butt would look like or maybe the bicentennial man. Either way I think I’m going to show this website to my anatomy teacher. Its a hoot. Or is it “humerous”? Ha ha. Anatomy joke.

Karen Wrote:

OK all,

I'm sorry, but when you have a Brimhall Butt like mine, you never see your sphincter in such a big valley! And I don't think any of us have butt buns quite so perky. yes, it was weird to see an enema bag going into a chest, Hey, I'm Miss chemo, maybe it was an ancient way of administering drugs. Those buns look like two melon boobs. I stand by my original impression. That does not look like a butt. It looks like boobs with an alien hot water bottle connected to them. I just ran it by AJ and his first impression was boobs as well.

My Mom wrote:

Georgia- your making me choke - I regret sharing with you the "colon of joy" & other anatomical parts! you are making me face my own foolhardiness! are you
Karen you are exactly correct ... I could not have defined it so well... you have helped me to understand that my brain saw that the way it did for areason... & a very good one too... you will notice that few ...but mainly Georgia figured it was a butt
- but it's because Georgia has no big floppy butt to speak of-- so of course it made sense to her--but you have made me feel very good about my brain, right & left hemisphere function....... thank you so very much.. love sue

And thus concludes the "Anatomical Parts Jewelry" email discussion up to this point... :)

My family is made out of craziness and cheesecake.


Friday, October 19, 2007

A write up :)

I don't have much time to blog tonight... I am gearing up for a big show tomorrow... I have to be up by 5 am!!! But, I wanted to post something really quick.

A little while back I was contacted by Jenipher from Cherry Runway. She is so sweet, I loved messaging back and forth with her. Anyways, she did a write up on me and my Shop today! You should go check it out and send her some bloggie love. Also you should visit her shop if you get a chance. She has some adorable jewelry!


Thanks Jenipher! I feel so honored that you featured my shop in your blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pear Salad... or Edward Salad, whatever :)

I am having a hard time thinking of things to post for this months Self Portrait Challenge. I keep thinking f photo's after the opportunity is gone. Like, Chad and I went camping this weekend... perfect chance to take some camp food pictures... I forgot :) I was cooking (I know a big shocker) the other night... like a REAL dinner. And I forgot. So, today I FINALLY remembered!

This is quite possibly the most delicious salad you will EVER taste... if you are lucky enough to taste it. My friend Jessica made it for me one night when we were having a movie night. And I have never been the same since. I mean, this salad has changed the way I look at salads. It may just be the most addicting thing I have ever tasted (aside from chocolate and Dr. Pepper... and Chicken Tika Masala...) It is like the heroin of salads. Ooohhhh. like if Edward were a salad! Seriously. SO.GOOD! Maybe I will rename it Edward Salad... It is SO fitting, because he is so delicious... Now I need a Jacob themed food... Some kind of dessert perhaps?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cheese Pervert Chuck-a-roni

I made a gourmet spread for dinner tonight. Leftovers. Leftover Cheeseburger Macaroni. *gag* But, whatever. The kids will eat it without hiding pieces under the table for the dogs, or something. And I am tired of cooking healthy dinners only to have NONE of the kids eat them! Fine. Corn dogs and macaroni it is :)

Kael got excited when he saw his dinner... So excited that he yelled its name very loudly. "Cheese Pervert Chuck-a-roni!!!!" I almost died laughing :) So... I think this meal now has a new name in our house. I love when kids say things the wrong way. This might be one of my favorite examples yet though.