Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Forks Fork... and other news :)

My shop was featured over the weekend in the blogs of a lovely lady whom I have been messaging back and forth with on Etsy.

Stop by and give her some bloggy love :)




Thank you Ana Cristina!

Also, I wanted to share something fun I created over the weekend and will be adding to my shop soon. I have made several of these with the word Forks, and several with the word Cullen on them... They are my Forks Forks ;)

I made this one from a silver seafood fork. Its real silver baby :) The rest of them that I will be listing are all stainless steel, I only had the one that was actual silver... I will have to be watching the ebay auctions to try and get more silver ones. Random fact: Real silver is expensive! The stainless ones are equally as cool as the silver one though.

In other news, I sent off my registration to Squam yesterday, I sent it Priority :) I am so excited for September to come so I can go! I am taking a song writing workshop from Jonatha Brooke, who as many of my friends know, is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE musicians. I have been a fan since I was about 15... that is a long time! I emailed her because I was nervous about taking it as I don't actually play any instruments, unless you count my voice, and she put me right at ease :) She is so cool. I am also taking 2 other writing workshops and a painting, mixed media type class. I just know that these classes (especially the writing ones) are exactly what I need this year. I have been talking about writing a book for about 10 years, I am excited to take these classes and hope they give me some tools I need to get started writing :)