Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There is magic in the air there. Something that rises up off the water with the sun kissing the faces of every soul walking the forest paths. You can see it, if you look in just the right way. Its in the light filtering down through the canopy, it shimmers off the bits of mica scattered in the soil...

It hums and sings. Dancing through the trees, shaking loose the leaves that have painted themselves with rust and sunsets.
And if you are not paying attention it might send an acorn flying your way telling you to wake up, open your eyes and breathe me in!

It whispers into your dreams while you sleep telling you secrets, leaving wisps of song in the back of your mind. Stroking your hair and reminding you of who you truly are, who you long to be.

It cradles you in your cabin, surrounds you and brings others like you into a web so thick you can pluck its threads like a harp and feel the music all the way down behind your ribs.

It changes you, tenderly peeling back your layers until there is enough room to soak into your skin and become a part of you. Something you take home, something that stretches and pulls the threads over land and sea... If you are still and quiet enough, you can still feel the music. Softer now, a butterfly's wings, gentle but still strong. Strong enough that if you listen to the song, you will hear the magic all around you.

** I will be back to post about my trip, but for now there is just so much to think about and process. I need to sit with it a while...