Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pink eye...

Well, we have been a big lump of sick people here the last couple weeks. We have all had gross colds, and now Kayden and I have PINK EYE!!!! Gross. So, for this weeks Self Portrait challenge in the theme of "red" I give you a lovely portrait of my son and I with our oozy, red, puffy, bruised looking eyes... fun times!

And also I will give you all a little sneak peek of one of the MANY MANY little projects I have been working on this month. This is a little 8x8 scrapbook that i have painted the cover to. I have about a billion of these books, I bought them a while back figuring I would do some thing with them. And now i have. I will be painting the covers of them all and replacing the crappy flimsy paper that came inside them with a heavier acid free card stock... I might sell them on my Etsy that I am planning on opening up one of these days... along with my bottlecap jewelry and magnets... and other random Georgia items that I create.

This is the first book I painted, it is not done yet in these pictures, but you kinda get the idea. Anyhow... Have a fantabulous day, and don't get pink eye!

As a side note I just wanted to send well wishes to Darlene and her family. Her son was in a horrible car accident and they could use everyones prayers.