Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grow wings...

I have a few more pendants that I finished today... I have to say that I am very excited for how these turned out, I am kind of in love with them to be honest... and I am forcing myself to list them instead of keeping them for myself (like I have ended up doing with so many others I have made). And in case you were wondering, YES! Those are made with *real* butterfly wings. They are from monarch butterflies that have naturally expired (no insects were harmed in the making of these pendants).

They will be up in my Etsy shop sometime tomorrow. I just have to finish figuring out what I want to have the listings say... I really am awful at the whole description thing. But I will get better with practice.

For tomorrow I am only listing these 3 items, but I have many more that are half finished and as soon as I get the replacement tips for my soldering iron I will get them up as well. Also my bottle cap magnets and bracelet are finally ready as well... I had an issue with my resin and had to remake them all. So in these next few days come visit and see what is new over at Gypsy Wings.

For some reason blogger is not letting me post links... it scrambles them up and sends you to nowhere... urg.