Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Falling behind...

I am falling behind in updating my blog... I have missed sooooo much lately. For instance, it was both Jett and Kael's birthday... in June and July. I somehow never wrote about those. I also did not write about Kayden starting 1st grade... He is loving being back in school...

I don't know how I got so side tracked... I have been busy I suppose, getting ready for the trunk show probably. Which went well by the way. It was a little slow, but we got fantastic press, and next month should be so much busier as college will be back in session.

I also just finished reading Eclipse... The third book in the Twilight series... and the post Eclipse depression is in full swing. I have to wait until at least next summer to read the fourth book... the fourth and FINAL book in that series. *tear* I am completely enamored with Edward and Jacob... I found myself effected in a ridiculous way by the words in this novel... I was crying because there are emotions she describes soooo well, emotions I have felt very acutely in my life. Some parts of the story rang eerily true to my own life experience... Well, if you take out the vampires and werewolves... There are none of those in my history... *sigh* ;)

I am glad I finally got my hands on a copy of that book... it took a trip to several book stores till I finally found one (one that is practically on the other side of the universe) that had a copy. But, now i have read it, and I loved it (of course. And now I have ALL THREE books so I can take them with me to her (Stephenie Meyer) book signing on Saturday. Yay! I wish I was able to attend the lecture she is giving before hand, but alas it is all sold out. I will be very happy to shake her hand though, and have her sign my book... I am thinking of giving her a pendant too... is that BEYOND cheesy? Probably... but I don't care. She is pretty fantastic.

Anyhoooo... I have to go get back to day dreaming about the book... and about Edward and Jacob... And all the little unwritten things that I hope happen in the next book... not the sex.. not that, although... I have to admit I would not mind reading that scene! Stephenie has made it clear she won't write a scene like that and while I respect it... It sure does make my mind wander!