Monday, August 20, 2007

You might be a little obsessed if...

There is a Self Portrait for SPC at the bottom of this post, for those of you who do not want to read the entire thing:)

Ok, so... Saturday rocked! Plain and simple.

Saturday was my friend Jessica's birthday, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than to go meet the ever fabulous Stephenie Meyer at a book signing for her newest book Eclipse? Her new book, which I have to mention PASSED Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the best sellers list last week!!! Yup... its that good.

My obsession with Stephenie Meyer began just a few short months ago... The afore mentioned "Jessica" brought two books over to my house and told me this: "Georgia! You HAVE GOT TO READ THESE BOOKS!" And who am I to argue with that? So, I read them... And I LOVED them... And I now find myself telling everyone I know YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THESE BOOKS!!! I also find myself scouring the internet for anything I can find about Edward (yum), and Bella, and Jacob (yum again). For those of you who have not yet been touched by the Twilight obsession, those are the main characters in the series. Bella and Edward are the two main characters, and Jacob ends up having a pretty huge part in the second and third books.

Eclipse, the third book in the series came out on August 7th... And I am pretty much in love with it. So much in love infact that I am about to read it again... and I don't usually read books more than once. I am going to read all three of them again, and possibly again after that. But that is not the point... the point was that because the book just came out, Stephenie is now doing a book signing tour. And even though she lives here in Arizona, it was one of the stops on her tour. So... Jessica and I OF COURSE had to go.

And, I have to tell you, It was TOTALLY meant to be :) We were unable to get tickets to the Q and A because they sold out forever ago... but they decided to have a second event after the Q and A just for all of the fans that could not go so they could at least get their books signed. So, we went to the signing portion. When we walked in the door we were told that we needed to buy a book to get a ticket... Now both of us already have all three of the books, but we both had Twilight, the first in the series in paperback, and wanted hardback. So, guess what?!?!? They had EXACTLY enough copies of Twilight left in hardback for us to get. Divine destiny? I think yes!

After we got our spiffy new hardback copies we were ushered into the auditorium (signing was held in a high school to accommodate everyone) to sit down and wait for our letter to be called. We were with the U's. They were on Q. So we sat down and giggled at our luck to get the last copies.

I started looking around the auditorium at all the people and was very surprised to see LOTS of boys! For some reason I thought it was more appealing to the female crowd, but apparently I was wrong. There was even people dressed up as characters from the book. I loved it! I wanted to take pictures, but figured people might think I was weird to take photo's of them...

Anyhow, after only about 15 minutes they called our letter! So, we got in line and started moving towards the little office outside the auditorium where Stephenie was signing books.

We were nervous... well, I was at least. I mean, Stephenie is kinda my hero right now. Seriously! She is not much older than I am... She is also a mom of 3 young boys, as well as being LDS. I mean, she is just really awesome! And, just so you know... NO these are not churchy books in the least. NOT.AT.ALL. They are so unbelievably yummy I can barely stand it.

Anyways, we got closer and closer and soon I could SEE her! And it was fantastic.

We walked into the room, and the girls up ahead of us had t-shirts on that said "down with the wolves!". Stephenie saw them and laughed a little bit before defending the wolves saying that Jacob is her FAVORITE character right now. And then she and a guy (A guy the age of my grandpa) got into a little discussion about how much they loved Jacob. She said something along the lines of "I will always love Edward... I mean he is EDWARD! But he and Bella are so together... and Jacob... Well, Jacob is just so... Available!" So... yeah I don't really know what that means, but it makes me happy because she also said that Jacob will still have a major part in the next book.

Just for you Jacob fans... I made this for Jessica because its one of her favorite parts of the book... hehehe :) This is Steven Strait... This is one of the boys Mrs. Meyer would like to play Jacob in the movie... rawwrr!

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Anyways... Jess and I made it into the room, and we walked over to her table, and we gave her our books. And she signed them, and looked us right in the eyes and thanked us... And then I slid a cute little package across the table to her and she looked up again and got a big smile and said Thank you again :) I gave her a pendant and I wrote her a little card. Nothing too huge, but the thought that she has something I made for her totally gives me butterflies... Geeky no? My husband laughed and laughed at me... I am still smiling about it though!

See? Its pretty no? Do you think if YOU were Stephenie Meyer you would like it???

So anyways, after what was about the most awesome minute of my life we left the room and made our way down the hallway to the nearest exit. We RAN out the door and screamed:) I think there was some jumping up and down, and some more squealing involved too. As we made our way to the car we both noticed we were HUGGING our books... haha.

In the car we took photo's to remember the occasion, and promptly sent one via text to our friend Lacy who was unable to come... Horrible I know! She was jealous, as she well should be.

And that is the end of that! I met Stephenie Meyer, it was AWESOME! Next summer I plan to meet her again when she tours for her next novel, The Host, which is coming out sometime next summer... And also again when Breaking Dawn comes out next fall... And I HOPE that she will get Midnight Sun published... because I would LOVE to read that! For those of you who don't know... Midnight Sun is the retelling of Twilight, but it is told from Edwards perspective instead of Bella's... And the first chapter is up on her site to read... hello! YUMMY! So, yeah! I know that this post is ALL over the place... but I don't even care, I am still just so excited about meeting her. I think I will start reading the books again tonight... Yes, I think that is what I will do.

But, for those of you who decided to read this whole post here are my pictures for SPC.

I could not choose... so I put up a couple. They are of course Eclipse related :)

First, is me and Jessica. See, the pattern of the two books next to each other? I know... I am reaching really hard....

And last is this lovely image of me... holding my newly signed copy of Eclipse... *sigh* See... there is kind of a pattern on the title page... sort of... It is a drawing of tree branches.

Life is good!

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