Monday, September 10, 2007


That is Kael. Kael Morgan Cranston, my youngest.

Cute isn't he? Yes... that's right. He. Kael is infact a boy, despite his lovely long hair.

Did I mention that he has very long hair? It goes all the way down his back when its wet... Pretty soon it will be touching his butt. My hair has NEVER been this long in my entire 28 years on this planet!

Lots of people think its about time we cut his hair... And I have entertained the idea myself a time or two... and yet his hair remains firmly attached to his head.

We have convinced ourselves that his hair is like Samson's. If we cut his hair we think he will lose all of his cuteness and turn into a rotten 2 year old... It happened with the other two after all... we just never connected it with the cutting of the hair... :)

I figure we will have to cut it soon... people jut mistake him for a girl far too often... Which makes me sad. I love boys with long hair. And he doesn't look like a girl to me... except for the one time my friends daughter dressed him up as a cheer leader with clothes from her dress up box... and then we put his hair in pig tails... What??? It was HILARIOUS! I need to get the pictures from her.

Ah well... What do you think? Should I leave it long? Just look at that hair! I would die to have that growing out of my head :)

Oh, and a post is coming soonish about how the trunk show went over the weekend :) If you want to know now, you can read all about it HERE on our Phoenix Craft Mafia Blog. :)