Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Joy, less Ugh.

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately... as made obvious by my last post. And I wasn't even sure exactly why I was feeling that way... I knew I was just starting to feel crazy. After sitting with my thoughts for awhile, and talking with a lovely friend, I began to realize that I just needed to take a step back for a moment and breathe. I need to reevaluate my priorities and perhaps shift some things around. And that is ok.

I was frustrated with my business, because I want to be making more money. And as a wife and mother of 3 young boys, it is HARD to get out of the house to do shows. Thea reminded me that I have this lovely thing at my fingertips called the internet (who knew?) and that I could take some steps to improve my business using just that. So, even though I would LOVE to be out working all the shows with my Mafia Familia, I will be happy doing what I can with the group, and not knocking myself out trying to do everything.

I was also frustrated with some issues at church... Well, there is nothing I can do to change the minds or perceptions of other people, but I can take control over myself. I know that everything that happened was because someone thought they were doing the right thing. I also know that it is time to let it die. I hate that I have held on to it for as long as I have. I know that what happened will most likely still irritate me from time to time, but I will not dwell on it. I will continue to live my life the ways I feel are right for me, and try not to worry about what other people tell me I need to live like. Also, I may ask to be released from my calling if I continue to feel overextended. I have never been one to do that, but I am slowly realizing that in order to function well I sometimes have to let go of some of the stress.

My husband works very long hours and is almost never home before 7 or 8 at night... many time it is even later than that, 10:00 at night is not a rare thing... and there has been quite a few times where he does not get home till 1 or 2 in the morning. This means that anytime I need to go to a meeting or anything related to my calling (which by the way is often) I need to call a babysitter, and right now we really can't afford a sitter much, so I don't end up going... Working in scouts has added significantly to the stress pile... While I REALLY like the woman I work with, and I also think the boys are fun, I don't really know if I can keep it up. I do not feel comfortable doing something if I cannot give it my all and do a good job. Right now I am not doing well at it, I have not made it to the meetings and even had to cancel one. I am still not sure if I will ask to be released or not, I need to think hard about it.

So, that is where I am at right now. I am feeling pretty good, not nearly so crazy as I was before. I am ready to focus on my family, and on finding ways to increase my business online so I can add to our income. I am also ready to take a step back when I need to and make sure I am taking care of myself a little bit too.

So, in an effort to increase business online I listed several items yesterday in my shoppe :)

Monarch Wing Earrings

And... Drum roll please :) The Delias Necklace. ( I love this one)

I also have some idea's in mind for a few new things to sell. Keep checking back, I will be posting regularly with new items for sale in my shoppe.