Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celebrating new friends, Forks, and Fun.

Warning: This is a long-ish post with lots of pictures... If you are only interested in the picture for Self Portrait Challenge, and do not want to read my ramblings, it is the second one down:)

Lately there is a portion of every day where I would look exactly like this if you were to look at me from where my iMac sits.

That is immediately followed by something similar to this:

It is all thanks to a lovely group of friends I began getting acquainted with back in September-ish. I know I mentioned the Twilight Mom's before, but I feel I have to mention them again. These ladies are SO much fun! Who knew that a group of random strangers could meet up in a message board and become such fast friends? I certainly didn't.

When I was in Utah over Christmas, I was lucky enough to meet up with some of them for breakfast.

My breakfast... It was yummy, it deserves a moment in the spotlight.

The whole group (we are so incredibly fabulous you have NO idea)

This is Jen (Twila) and Amy (Yogagurl)... Amy was demonstrating Yoga poses for us on the floor of Village Inn at one point during our breakfast, which sadly I did not get a picture of.

This is me, Meg (Megatha), and Lisa. Meg and I actually went to High School together and re-connected again on Small world :) And Lisa is our "Coven Mother", she started the website and brought all of us crazy fans together.

We were all in an especially good mood this morning because Stephenie Meyer herself had spent several hours the previous evening online chatting with us all... Good mood is actually quite the understatement. Steph (I am cool, I can call her that now) told ME that she LOVES the pendant I gave her at the book signing I went to last summer, and she thinks it is INGENIOUS! Yes... I nearly died.

Well, my Twilight Mom's and I are planning a HUGE trip to Forks this September. We have already rented 2 cabins, and made reservations at Bella Italia in Port Angeles (The restaurant where Edward and Bella went...) for 24 people... We are planning a MASSIVE slumber party, complete with Rock Band, karaoke, AND a Ya-Ya-esque campfire (headdresses and Twilight name required) We are all working on gifts to exchange, and we are also exchanging scrap book pages so we can have a page from each person in our Forks scrapbooks. My friend Kendra and I will be flying out to Seattle together, and meeting up with all 24 of the ladies there to start our super huge Twilight weekend:)

Yes... I am a nerd. And I don't care one lick. I am celebrating this year. Celebrating all my wonderful new friends, with whom I have so much more in common than just these books... I think it was Stephenie that said it was a "kindred spirits thing"... Or maybe it was Rhonda... I will be having a GINORMOUS celebration come September with all these ladies, and I can hardly contain my excitement :)

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