Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love love love

We had a very low key Valentines Day today. Chad had to get a root canal this morning, so he pretty much felt like crap all day. But, we got to spend time together and that was really nice.

I took Kael and Jett to McDonalds this morning while we were waiting for Chad to get out of the Dentist and they had a lot of fun making new friends. I enjoyed sitting back sipping a cold Dr. Cullen (Pepper for those not in the know).

As of today I have officially sent out 17 of the 30 something Twilight pendants that have been ordered... I was not really expecting so many people to buy them so quickly... I had 20 orders within less than 24 hours, and the rest have been trickling in. I need to get them done before my next big project that starts March 1st. As Steph would say "Silly Georgia"... I should have known better! Twilight fans are rabid, I should know, I am one!!!

Tonight my kids were being goofballs... so I took this video for you all to enjoy.

Kayden, doing a monologue from Ratatouille (its hard to hear what he says in some parts, because my other kids were being loud, and when he gets really excited he runs his words together)

I hope you all had a great day!