Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kayden: On saving the planet and killing bad guys...

Kayden: Mom, can I play Halo 3 please?

Me: No... I don't want you to play that game, it is not a good game for kids.

Kayden: *slightly louder and whinier than his first request* But MOM! I LOOOOOOVE that game! Why can't I play it?

Me: There is too much violence in it... it is a daddy game. I don't want you to play games where they shoot each-other and beat each-other up and kill each-other.

Kayden: *nearing full blown hysteria* BUT MAAAWWWWWMMMMMM! It's to kill the BAD guys!

Me: I don't want you to think that is okay... It is not okay to kill. I am not letting you play that game... Go play Viva Pinata or Ratatouille or something.

Kayden: *giving me MAJOR attitude to the point I SWEAR he almost did the Z snap...* But WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THE PLANET! How can I save the planet without killing the bad guys huh? What if I am walking down the street and a bad guy comes up to me and aims at me??? I HAVE TO KILL HIM! Saving the Planet is IMPORTANT! I learned all about how important it is to save our planet at school, we are supposed to recycle and conserve... And I HAVE to save the stupid planet! I want to be in the army so I can save the planet... (incoherent mumbling and complaining...)

Summer break has not even started yet for his school, and already I am ready for the break to end...