Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can Mrs. Cranston please come to the Kids Club?

Today at the gym while I was working out furiously I hear my voice being announced over the loudspeaker... At first I thought something really cool had happened because it is Customer Appreciation Day at my gym and I was hoping I won something nifty, like maybe a years worth of free personal training and healthy meals prepared by my own personal chef... But as I listened closer I heard that sadly I had not won anything, I was just being called to the Kids Club.

Turns out Kael (my youngest) had told one of the new ladies that he needed to go to the bathroom... Kael is NOT potty trained... So she let him into the bathroom and after a few minutes knocked on the door to check on him. He told her to "hold on a minute" which sounds like "hoed onna mint". So a couple minutes later she knocks again, and this time cracks the door open to check. Kael had removed his shorts and thrown them on the floor, he had also taken off his diaper and attempted to FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET! Effectively flooding the bathroom, and soaking his shorts which were on the floor.

When I arrived, Kael had been moved into the other bathroom (for privacy since he was at this point mostly naked) and a maintenance woman was busy at work cleaning the bathroom he had flooded so efficiently. Well, I was not prepared with an extra pair of shorts for him, but I did have a pull up in my backpack. Praise the lord. So, when we left the gym a few minutes later Kael was totally stylin' with his t-shirt and pull up ensemble. On the way out I saw a few people giggling... I was very glad that I had that pull up packed in my gym bag... toting him out there with his junk all over the place would have been just fabulous... Without a doubt he would have grabbed said junk and said something horribly embarrassing like "wook at my wiener!".

Good times...