Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures of the Twilight Live podcast in LA part one...

When I went to LA last month, I went straight from the airport to the book store where I helped out with (read: wandered around and did things occasionally when asked to, and then took pictures...) the Twilight Live podcast. It was a blast. I got to meet some really fun people, listen to some talented musicians, and briefly meet some of the actors from the Twilight movie. It really was a good time and I am so happy I was there.

The Twilight Music Girls performed some songs during the podcast and they really were very good. For the most part I don't actually listen to any of the Twilight inspired bands, they just are not really my thing... But I have to say these girls had real talent. The songs were not too obviously Twilighty... and I liked the sound of the music. I liked the song Breathless best I think, sung by Lyndzie Taylor. She's my favorite :)

More pictures coming tomorrow :)