Monday, May 11, 2009

The Civil Wars

A lot of people ask me about the music I listen to, so I have decided that I will occasionally blog about different bands or artists I listen to that inspire me and my art :) I like to listen to music on myspace or Pandora while I make my jewelry or edit photos.

I have been myspace friends with a musician named Joy Williams for probably almost three years, and she is enormously talented. Her voice is gorgeous, and her music really makes me smile. It is what I imagine I would be singing if I were in any kind of band still... and if I had ever learned to play that blasted guitar I have in my closet...

One of her songs will be featured on Grey's Anatomy this week (May 14th), so if you watch the show listen for it. The song is called Charmed Life.

Joy is also in a band called The Civil Wars, and I think I might be in love. These two video's make me smile. I downloaded both songs today and have been listening on repeat while I do dishes and pick up around the house. I especially love the Leonard Cohen cover... *sigh*

Enjoy :)