Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think about it sometimes...

Sometimes I think about homeschool... and my kids... and homeschooling my kids...

Other times I cannot wait for all 3 to be in school so I can breathe...

But then I think about it again... and I wonder if it would be something I could do without wanting to sell my kids to the highest bidder.

And then I say "You are thinking crazy thoughts Georgia... you are not the kind of person who could do that."

And then I wonder if it would be good for me AND the kids to homeschool... or if they would only end up learning how to make my jewelry for me so I can have my own little sweat shop... And then I think that would be kinda cool, to have little people working for me... I could pay them with lollipops.

I have lots of friends who homeschool, and they seem to do okay. And their kids never get in trouble at school for saying things like "Peacock". Instead they do cool things like go to the beach and talk to marine biologists... or jump in mud puddles.





For the record I mostly think I am crazy when I start thinking these thoughts... I am someone who needs alone time and when I don't get it I being to feel REALLY insane. Also for the record, my hubby does not think I would be great at homeschooling our kids, because lets face it... I SUCK at math, and I would probably just fill the day with crafts and stuff... but maybe not, maybe I would surprise us all and be amazing... Or not. *sigh*

Discuss. :)