Monday, June 01, 2009

It must be burned...

As I was packing for our big move (we are moving this weekend... FINALLY!!!!) I found a box. Inside this box, I found an old notebook of mine. Inside this notebook of mine I found things that horrified me.

This notebook of mine was a journal I kept when I was 14-ish... I think I was demon possessed, or maybe I had been replaced by an evil pod person... All I know for sure, is this person, who was writing in my handwriting, was NOT me. I repeat NOT ME!!!

Seriously, I don't remember thinking, or talking like that... ever. at all. Was I experiencing some kind of evil, bitchy time in my life? I have always had a certain measure of snark and sarcasm... but this was insane, and AMAZINGLY childish... Mom, I don't want to hear your opinions on this. I believe this notebook was planted there by someone who wants to frame me for something. It was not me... cant be.

It will be burned.