Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Incredible deal for the Utah sessions

Lisa Hansen

I have some wonderful news for anyone wanting to book a session with me when I come to Utah in July. The wonderful and talented Dawn Weidauer has offered up her services to anyone booking a session with me to get their make-up professionally applied and their hair touched up for a discounted rate! The above photo of Lisa Hansen was taken by myself and her hair and make-up were by Dawn.

Here is her bio, its pretty impressive!

Dawn Weidauer is an acclaimed make-up artist who has made up the faces of numerous celebrities, actors and every day women, including Stephenie Meyer, Glenn Beck and TwilightMom, Lisa Hansen. She brings years of experience in television, movies, production and photography. Dawn will help you look and feel your best when Georgia photographs you.

Dawn is partnering with Georgia and offering the rate of $30 for full makeup application and a hair touchup on location. Please call for group pricing.

To contact Dawn or to see some of her latest projects, please visit her blog at www.redefineyourimage.blogspot.com or call 801-358-5039.

I can tell you right now this is an incredible deal, and Dawn does an amazing job. I cannot wait to see all of your beautiful faces in Utah!