Monday, August 10, 2009

It all happens so fast...

Life is moving along at warp speed... I somehow don't get around to blogging often these days, but there is so much to blog!

School has started. Kayden is in 3rd grade, Jett in Kindergarten. Jett had a rough few days at first... complete with getting sent out of class several times and tearing apart the school counselors office (kicked over his chair and desk, then tore her posters off the wall...) But he seems to be doing better now THANK GOODNESS!

I sent all my jewelry off to Texas to be sold at TwiCon, and sold almost all of it :) That made me smile :)

I am preparing to go to Squam next month... which means I have some late night jewelry making sessions ahead of me.

I finally finished all the edits on my Utah Portrait Sessions... I will start posting those here soon.

I got Blue October tickets for my hubby for Father's Day, and we went to see them on Saturday FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Justin looks like a different person almost with all the weight he lost. What a great show. 2 bands opened for them, Longwave and Switchfoot. I enjoyed them both. But Blue October wins for best show of the evening by FAR. Justin is super intense and very theatrical... I read somewhere that he was involved in Theatre when he was in high school. I loved it.

I am sure there are many things I am missing... but I will have to post it all later :)