Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blue October!!!

Last Saturday (August 8th) my hubby and I went to a Blue October concert, and it was SO great! It was exactly 1 year, minus 1 day from the day we last saw Justin Furstenfeld perform at the Breaking Dawn Concert Tour in LA. Both shows were amazing, and each had their own special brand of magic. We will be seeing this band again... and again ;)

When the entire band is together Justin has a VERY intense energy to him, and he is very theatrical. He puts on a great show. He has lost a good 50 pounds in the last year as well and looks like an entirely different person from who we saw a year ago. And of course... I still dig his hair and eyeliner... or "guyliner" I suppose ;) I also dig the new tattoo he has on his face... a little cross I think it is. Looks like a smudged tear from far away... Anyhow, he rocks it.

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me at the concert, as they didn't allow big camera's into the show... but my hubby got a few on his camera, and my friend Kendra and her hubby were there and got some on their camera. All of the photo's in this post belong to my friend Kendra whom I love to bits and pieces... not just because she let me use them ;) My hubby took this video of Kendra and I when he was pretending to take our picture... LOL!

One of the opening bands, Switchfoot... they were good. So was the other opening band Longwave.

Lots of pictures of Justin...

And I have to have at least ONE of Ryan... I mean, common... a guy with devil horns for hair who plays the violin like an angel... He is awesome.