Monday, June 19, 2006

My first Self Portrait Challenge... FUN!

So, I have decided that in order to keep the creative juices flowing I need to do more creative things. To do that I have joined several blog challenges. They all post a challenge of some sort, whether it be a writing challenge, and craft, a photography challenge, or a scrapbooking challenge, then everyone who wants to participate creates their little work of art and posts it for the world to see. Nice! I love it!!

So, to kick off my creative blog I will be doing the Self Portrait Challenge. This month the theme is Pop Art. I am not so great at pop art but I tried at least. Here is my creation. Enjoy! I call it Blue eyes. I just could not think of another name for it.

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I made it in Photoshop with my super limited photoshop skills... I am still learning. I hope to get better, I really want to get a Wacom tablet because I think stuff like this might be REALLY fun with one. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know this is not really all that Pop arty... but I did not have alot of time and I had just taken this picture of myself. Next time it will be better I promise. ;)