Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge June 27, 2006

Well, this is the final SPC for June. The theme was pop art, which is fun, and cool and all that... but I don't seem to be doing to whole pop art thing so well for some reason. Next month should be interesting though I am excited. The theme you ask??? Well, its not pop art so I just might come up with something better than my last 3 entries. That said, I do still like what I have come up with, I just don't know how poppy they are. I had a big plan to make one with me holding a Dr. Pepper or something, cuz that is my DRINK, but I did not have time, nor did I have Dr. Pepper. So, insead I made this for todays entry. I am not sure exactly HOW I did it... kindof another one of those happy accidents. I was attempting to make a Vector drawing of myself originally but I did not have the patience for it... perhaps another time. This did turn out kinda neat though.

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I realized that in pretty much every picture of me I am not smiling... Why is that? i don't know exactly, perhaps next time i will try to smile in one. We will see.

On another note, it is HOT here!!! I tell people all the time that I live in the arm pit of Hell becuase it is soooo nasty hot here in the summers. Incase you are ever thinking about moving to Mesa Arizona, DONT!!! Well, unless you enjoy sweating profusely and having 400$ electric bills just because you try to keep your house below 80 degrees inside when it is 115 outside... or hotter even. I guess the heat would not be so bad if I had my own pool or something, but alas I do not. My In-laws do however and they live relatively close, but I feel bad living at their house everyday. Plus I do not like to be seen publicly in a swimming suit (I count their house as public becuase people are there and they see me). I guess I should just get over that one, but I don't think that will ever happen. Well... if I looked like that chick in Blue Crush I think i would get ovr it. HA!!!

Well, I am off. I need to go fold a mountain of laundry before it takes over the house like black mold. The other night the hubby and I were getting ready for a little of the old mattress roll around, and I told him not to let his ascent up mount laundry ruin the mood... If he just kept climbing he would eventually find the bed :)