Monday, November 19, 2007

Ugh... just ugh.

How does a stay at home, mother of 3... the oldest of which is turning 6 tomorrow by the way... do it all?

Is it even possible to have a business that is successful, keep a house clean-ish and organized-ish (it's a word... I swear), AND spend quality time with the kids and hubby... Not to mention have a life... you know, the kind with friends and girls nights out...

There is so much to write about right now... And I don't know how to say any of it. I do know that everything I want to say has lots of really cool expletives in it... The kinds of words I try to avoid typing in my blog because people at church will see it and get their panties in a twist (It's happened, I can't handle being pulled into someones office at church again to discuss the contents of my blog or I might unleash all the power and fury of those previously mentioned expletives on their ass. And that would not be pretty...) And allow me to say that if you are someone from Church and you are reading this, what I said just then was in all likelihood NOT directed at you... the only person that was directed to KNOWS it was for him... So, heads up. IF YOU WANT TO "DISCUSS" THE FACT THAT I SAID "ASS" IN MY BLOG, I RESPECTFULLY DECLINE! If you want to be a normal human being who does not want to discuss things that are not now and will NEVER BE any of your damn business then we are good. Wow... why can't I say that out loud? I wish I could have said all that out loud a year ago... I wish I had a freaking voice.

Okay... I got WAY off track just then. Apparently I have some issues. And apparently more than one thing is bugging me and I only just figured that out. Sorry you must bear witness to my current state of mind. What I originally came here to write about was my frustration with not being able to do it all. Why can I NOT do it all? I need to explore this whole thing more... but I can't do that all here, I need to think about it all. Then I will come back with something that actually makes a bit more sense than all this that you just read.

Ugh... just ugh!