Monday, March 17, 2008

Girls Night Out *spoilers for 10,000 BC*

On Friday my friend Kendra and I had the ultimate girls night out. We met up with Stephenie and some of her other friends at PF Changs for a really good dinner. We all shared family style, there was a few orders of the lettuce wraps, and then about 6 other dishes... My absolute favorite was the Mongolian Beef, and then there was some kind of spicy pork thing that was delicious as well. ALL of it was good though.

We all had a really great time over dinner. Steph and her friends were all SO very sweet and nice. I knew one of her friends from TwilightMOMS, but the others I had never met or talked to. We all sat around the table, talking about EVERYTHING. We talked about our families, epidurals (they all were amazed I had my babies at home without one LOL), cars, what it was like when Stephenie met the cast for the Twilight movie, her new book coming out, The Host... And pretty much anything there was to talk about.

At the end of dinner, Steph scooped up the check before anyone else could touch it and she paid for us all. THANK YOU Stephenie! I was not expecting that, and then I was silently cursing myself for not carrying any cash so I could pay some of the tip or something. Note to self: Carry around more than 1 dollar in cash... You might want to pitch in towards something at some point that you need cash for...

After dinner, we left the restaurant and walked over to the mall, and then through the mall to the movie theatre, where we saw one of the STUPIDEST movies ever made... luckily it was not surprise that the movie was going to suck... we had all prepared ourselves mentally for the hotness of Steven to be overshadowed by the stupidness of the movie.

Okay... 10,000 BC. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! First off, aside from the obvious idiocy of having Mammoths and Pyramids on the earth at the same time, there were just SO many things wrong with this movie.

I will start with something that is at least good-ish... Steven. He is very nice to look at. He has a nice chest, and nice abs... and holy moses his arms... the man has splendid arms... Oh, and his brilliant smile that makes me melt into a puddle of goo... yeah, Steven is pretty much delicious in every way imaginable. I have been known to make my kids watch Sky High, just so I can catch a glimpse of his beauty.

However... In this movie, he has a big head of messy hair that often gets in the way of his beautiful angel face. He also has a bunch of facial hair that really does nothing for him. At one point in the movie he had food stuck in his goatee... I wanted to reach through the screen and wipe it off for him.

Also good in this movie, Camilla Belle. She is undeniably beautiful. There is a scene where she is wearing this beautiful flowing blue dress that perfectly matches her eyes... gorgeous. But... even her beauty can not make up for the crappy story line of the movie.

The movie just does not flow well... one minute D'Leh and Tic Tic (yes, one of the warriors is named Tic Tic) are trekking through the frozen mountains... half frozen to death. Snow as far as the eye can see. And in the next instant they are walking through a jungle, and one of them says "It is hot here". Ummm... okay? Oh! And we all had a good laugh at the man eating chickens, as Steph dubbed them. And that is exactly what they were... they looked like giant hatchling chickens, running around in the jungle, eating the humans, and all the while making strange yodeling sounds.

After they make it out of the jungle they are suddenly transported into a desert, that looks just like Arizona! Steph leaned over and said "Hey, when did they come to Arizona?" and we laughed again. In this desert, D'leh (Steven) falls into a big pit that begins filling with rain water in a way very reminiscent of Apocalypto... As the pit fills, D'leh realizes he is not alone in that pit... oh no he is NOT! There is also a very large, admittedly cool looking, saber tooth tiger! The tiger is stuck under some fallen lumber and the water is getting deeper and deeper... the tiger will DROWN! D'leh stands up, and at first he is going to kill the animal... but he then decides to free it. "You will NOT eat me, if I free you!" He says this in a strange english accent... So he free's the tiger, and the tiger leans in real close to his face... slobber dropping from the beasts great fangs. Then the tiger scampers away out of the pit.

Apparently D'leh gets out of the pit, because shortly thereafter he and Tic Tic arrive in a small village. All the villagers run out with spears and threaten them... But, the big tiger jumps into the scene from out of nowhere and keeps the villagers from attacking! Then as the tiger turns to leave, D'leh and the tiger exchange meaningful glances and it was then that we decided his special talent must be that he is a "Cat Whisperer".

Anyhow... the movie goes on, and other things happen that just don't make sense... like when instead of following the river to where the "demons" took all the people in their village and his true love... they walk through the middle of the desert. Whatever. Basically the whole movie sucked and was unintentionally funny :) We giggled through the entire thing, so really it was a good time.

Anyways, after the movie, we all decided we needed dessert... so we walked all the way back over to PF Changs and got the most amazing dessert... The Great Wall of Chocolate.

These pictures do not do this masterpiece justice. It is a HUUUUGE piece of the most delicious, decadent, chocolate cake EVER. The raspberry sauce was to die for! We got 2 of them and between 7 of us could not eat it all. It was great, picture if you can, 7 women attacking 2 giant desserts with their forks... no need for plates, we were too eager to eat it. SO GOOD! We stayed there until they closed and kicked us out the door. :)

We left PFC's with the intention of all going to our cars and going home... somehow that didn't exactly happen. We made a quick stop at the book store that was closing so someone could use the rest room, It was in the book store where I finally pulled out my camera and asked to take a picture or 2.

In the first picture is Kendra, Me, and Steph. The second one, also has Jen in it, She is Steph's friend that I know through TM's.

I absolutely love how my shirt balloons out in that second picture especially and makes me look pregnant... cool... *sarcasm* But, really I don't care too much. It was a great night!

Well, we left the bookstore and walked over to the corner where we would all go separate directions to our cars... and somehow we ended up standing there, talking for another 2 hours! Again, we talked about everything... we discussed books, and movies, and church, and anything you can think about we probably discussed. SUCH A GOOD NIGHT! Finally though, we decided we all needed to go. Poor Kendra had an almost 4 hour drive ahead of her to get home, and it was already 1:00 in the morning... She would have stayed at my house but she and her family were leaving to drive to Mexico early that morning... So, we all said good byes, gave hugs, thanked each other for a great time, and headed back to our homes.

All in all, a perfect night. I could not have imagined the evening to turn out better. Steph and all her friends were so wonderful, and I never felt nervous even once. I guess it helps that I have been she and I have messaged back and forth for a while, but really it was just like meeting up with a bunch of people I already knew. If I ever get a chance to meet up with any of them again, I would be so happy. But I am just thrilled I even had the chance once. One of the best girls nights EVER!!!!!