Sunday, July 30, 2006

Skinny dipping and Jello boobs

I was searching my cupboards today looking for something decadent and sinful to eat (That would be chocolate...) and I discovered a few boxes of Jello. Now, Jello is not really my favorite dessert, it is a far cry from chocolate or any of the things I actually crave... But I figured why not? I need sweet, jello is sweet no? So I made some and let it set up.

A few hours later as I was enjoying my little treat (although not as much as I would have enjoyed a candy bar) I had a couple jello related memories pop into my head. And as they are kindof funny, at least to me... I figured why not share. So here they are:)

Memory number 1.

When I was a young girl of 14 my family flew to Hawaii to visit my mom's sisters family who live on North Shore oahu. My cousin Marita and I were born 364 days apart. And have always been very close to eachother because of our closeness in age and the fact that we almost share a birthday... Well, that and the fact that we are both mega cool people to begin with.

Well, while I was there I spent all of my time with her and her friends. One day we all were hanging out in honolulu and it was decided that at the end of the day we would go back to Marita's house and all have a big sleepover. So, we took the bus back to Marita's house... an hour or so ride. Along the way we stopped and ate at a McDonalds and had a food fight that surely would and should have gotten us kicked out of the establishment but the employee's were a bit afraid to get too close... That is another story for another time.

Anyhow, We get back to Marita's place and decide we need food for this event. So, to the little food mart we go. (Which we actually did get kicked out of.... again another story though) we bought all the munchies one would desire... and massive amounts of Jello which we prepared as soon as we got back to her house so it could set up.

That night the six of us went swimming at Sunset Beach. Marita, Myself, Joanne, John, Cory, and Keoki. There were no people around because at Sunset Beach once the sun sets there is nothing to do... Unless you are a 14 or 15 year old kid who decides that beach + night = skinnydipping. Oh dear! Six crazy teens swimming nekked in the ocean. Of course noone saw much of anything cuz we all stayed hidden in the water... except for Corey, and he jumped out and did some push ups on the beach at one point.

Well, after that we went to check on the jello, which was DONE. We grabbed the 2 HUGE bowls of jello we had made, and a few 2 liters of soda, some chips and some towels.... Ran out the door and down the path in their back yard which opens up to the beach and set up camp. we sat around the fire and munched on snacks for hours that night. We forgot to bring plates or spoons or anything so we just scooped out handfuls of jello with our bare hands and slurped it through our fingers. That night is still one of my favorite things I remember about hanging with Marita.

It got cut a little short though when my dad realised at about 4 am that I had not returned to the house to sleep. (he did not want me actually sleeping where the guys were) He walked down to the beach with a flashlight and forcibly removed me from the fun... Okay, he just very angrily told me to come back to the house. How embarrasing for a 14 year old girl... my parents were just soooooo uncool... ;) Its all good though, I would most likely do the same thing... And besides the following summer they let me go on a 2 week "tour" with my band to california. Just me and a bunch of guys. GOOD TIMES! You can read about that adventure and more about the band RIGHT HERE.

Memory 2

When I was in 10th grade my Mom got on a jello kick. Shw would make jello in these goblets she had and layer the flavors so we had rainbow jello. Well, one day she was making some jello in the goblets and she was running out of green.... So, she poured a bout an inch of green in the bottoms of the goblets and let it set up. Then she topped it off with red in the rest of the goblets.

Later that evening we were eating our fantastic jello creations when we realised they were even more wonderous than we had first thougth. Allow me to explain...

I was looking at my goblet of jiggly stuff and decided I would rather eat it out of a bowl... Don't know why but I did. So, I ran the outside of the glass under hot water to loosen the jello from it. I dumped it over a bowl... And out plopped a PERFECTLY formed jello boob. It was a red boob with a green nipple. You see the glasses dipped down a tiny bit in the very bottom so that when I turned the jello over it came out with a round pointy thing on the top, just like a nipple, and because that area was the only part with a different color jello it was pretty much an exact replica of the real thing.

The jello boobs became slightly famous inside my little circle of friends... as my mom was still on a jello kick and now that we all knew that it looked like boobs it was even more fun to eat. My one friend Sam even went so far as to ask for a pair for his birthday. My mother was kind and obliged. I wish I had a picture to show you the fabulousness that is jello boobs. Perhaps I will make a pair soon and post the pictures here for you.

Well... That is all I have to say on the subject of jello. I hope you have enjoyed my crazy ramblings, and if you have a moment... make yourself some jello.... Its good eats!