Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SPC 8-1-06 Rub a dub dub, Georgiabean in the tub...

This months theme for the Self Portrait Challenge is "Enclosed Spaces".

The guide lines were:

First - Use an enclosed environment‚ a space that has the confines and restrictions of the photo-booth.

Also - The element of chance is also important, not looking through the viewfinder, but rather viewing yourself as others might see you in that circumstance. Holding the camera out in front of you or placing it on a surface and pressing the shutter.

I decided for my first one to do something simple. I have an idea in mind for a more difficult one but it takes more preparation so I did this one first. It is taken in my bathtub.

Water is a tricky element. At times I feel like it is endless... and sometimes it can press in around you. One of the things I fear is drowning. I am sure there are far worse ways to go... but drowning freaks me out. And at the same time I love water. I gave birth to all three of my babies in water, I find it relaxing to float along in the water, to lay down in the rain and let it fall down on me. Water can be healing and cleansing... and freaky:)

So here is my SP for this week. My enclosed space was a bathtub, this is my underwater.

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Any comments or suggestions for future portraits with the theme or "Enclosed Spaces" would be greatly appreciated. And as always, you can see more Self Portraits RIGHT HERE