Friday, January 12, 2007

Arizona makes my eye twitch...

Urrrrggg! And Pfft! And @#*&!!!!!!!! Arizona really irritates me sometimes. A couple posts ago I talked about how this year I was applying to become a surrogate... well, it turns out I cannot become a surrogate simply because of the state I live in.

I was getting ready to fill out the application for surrogacy when off to the side I noticed a little section that had a few states listed in it. On closer inspection it said that if you lived in any of those states you could not be elligible. Arizona was the 3rd state listed. So, I checked a couple other sites and sure enough Arizona is one of the states where the laws are written in such a way as to completely prohibit surrogacy. SO STUPID! I honestly do not understand why.

So, I suppose at least for the time being my plans of becoming a surrogate are on hold... Perhaps once I move to Utah. Utah was only listed on one of the web pages as a state they could not work with... And a google search did not turn info on the matter like it did for Arizona. My thoughts *hopes* are that Utah is a state that allows surrogacy... maybe the laws are a little tighter or whatever and that is why that once clinic does not work with Utah surrogates... I will have to keep investigating this matter as it is something that i *really really* want to do.

I am trying to not be too upset about it though. The way I figure it, when the time is right it will all happen. I will keep positive and continue researching my options.

And on a different note... Several bloggers have talked about the movie The Secret and for literally months now I have been saying to myself, "Self, you need to watch that!" So the other day I am driving and they are talking about it on the radio and I think again, that I HAVE to watch it... Then that night at work I massage my boss and after she gives me a gift... I open it up and right there in my hands is the move The Secret!!! So, I am going to watch that movie and soak up all that it says. I am going to apply it all to my life and just see where it will all lead me to.