Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things that make me say Mmmmmm...

Or... Men who make my heart go all fluttery and my uterus skip a beat.

Number one on my list this morning is Spidey. ( I wish this photo did justice to his dark angst ridden deliciousness in the movie last night)

Yup, Spiderman. But not the squeeky clean one we are all used to, no. I am speaking of the angry, dark, messy black haired one that appears in Spiderman 3. As soon as he appeared I sat up in my chair a little straighter, I noticed his gorgeous eyes (lined ever so subtly with black liner) and I thought to myself... I love me a bad boy.

Chad and I took Kayden to see it lat night and you should have been there. Kayden was beyond himself with excitement the whole movie. He would turn to me and whisper after every fight scene "Spiderman is doing SO good!" or "I think we need to buy this one!" Kayden made friends with the little boy sitting next to him, and they shared their popcorn and candy through the entire movie, and before it started they shared their comic books that they were given while we waited to go in the theater.

Next on my list is Peter Petrelli .

I mean, really! How can a girl resist a man with superpowers? Plus, he is on one of the best television shows EVAH! Seriously, you should watch it. I have always kinda liked Peter, what with his "I'm going to save the world" kind of optimism. But then this weeks episode where it was 5 years in the future... And he was all dark, and yet still heroic. (Have I mentioned that I kinda dig that dark, angry, but still heroic and sexxxxy thang?) Yeah... It was good. I told Chad that I kinda like him better as future Peter. Chad watched for a few minutes and then said "Yeah, bad ass Peter is pretty cool."

Thirdly on my list is Blake Lewis (the first real person on my list). CLick the link... its kinda long. Right at about 5 minutes in is where it gets supa cool.

I wish I could beat box. The hubby and I are major Idol freaks. I admit it, I love that freaking show. And this season (even though Melinda will probably win) I am voting for Blake. I think the hubby has a straight boy crush on him too... He really is that fantastic. I went all melty on the elimination show this week when he and Chris Richardson were standing there and Ryan observed that the two of them had become good friends. And both of them at the same time said "best friends". I always figured that was a girly thing, and when 2 hottie boys said it I got a little verklempt .

And next on my hottie boy list is Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield from Prison Break.

Ummm.... HI! Hello blue eyes, and perfect facial bone structure! And what makes him even sexier is all those tattoo's he has in the show. I am a sucker for tattoo's. And a man a gorgeous as he is with all those tattoo's... is it hot in here?

And last but not least is the hubby!

I am always lusty for him. He is hot, infact he is HAWT! I love him. And I wish he would let me take more photo's of him so I could show off his yummyness. This man is the best ever! He owns my heart. I am so lucky to have him. Purrrrrr.