Monday, June 18, 2007

100º in the shade... SPC "environment"

When you live in the middle of the desert you don't do much in the summer... It is simply too hot. About the only thing we do around here outdoors these days is lounge around in the shade or swim in the pool in the afternoon after the sun is not quite directly above us... We don't want to burn to a crisp after all. And that takes only a few minutes with my boys, even after they are slathered up with sunblock. They are sooo pale, not like me. They got their father's skin.

Here I am in the blistering heat, see my sweaty hair? Sexy no? And yes, I added some filters and what not to this to make it look more like it felt. IT WAS HOT! :)

I tried to find the least boobtastic photo's of me in my swimsuit... Every photo had an amazing amount of boobage showing, so... whatever.

And here are the little ones hanging out in the shade and by the water.

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