Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jerome Arizona... And, Gallery Representation!?!?!

My lovely friend Jessica took me to a FANTASTIC little town called Jerome today. I AM IN LOVE! I kid you not, that I could move there and live there forever in complete and total BLISS!!! Okay... perhaps not, as one day I would really like to live in an old plantation house or perhaps and old farm house... *sigh* I have been imagining living somewhere verrrrry rural lately... But that is beside the point... I am in LOVE with Jerome.

It is the most wonderful, eclectic mix of shops and galleries. We ate at a little restaurant named The Haunted Hamburger which by the way had AMAZING burgers! We were also so lucky as to be seated outside on the deck, balcony thingie (technical term) that was basically just a glass room overlooking ALL of Verde Valley... silly me, I was so mesmerized I took NO PICTURES! Yeah... smart I know.

Then we were off to look in all the adorable little shops. So many places I fell in love with today. But, the most AWESOME thing to happen? We went into what I thought was the NICEST gallery there today, and while my friend was purchasing something the owner noticed my necklace and stared asking me about it. I told him I make them and he grabbed his partner to show him. Anyhow, I left with a packet of info on what they want from me to send them so they can maybe SELL MY JEWELRY! Can you believe it? I can't believe it! I am in a daze really!!! I have no idea how to even approach this! Good thing they gave me a packet laying it all out for me ;)

So... If there is anyone out there who reads this... How do I go about figuring out wholesale prices??? I am going to research this more tonight, but... if anyone has advice I am willing to soak it all up like a sponge. :)

Anyways, to sum it all up: Today rocked.

What can honestly be better than a day trip with a close friend, talking and laughing... Singing loudly along with Wicked, Chicago, and the Scissor Sisters... Eating the best burger EVER, and having a gallery basically ask to represent me?

Today was AWESOME!