Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Candy eating zombie children

Hmmm... I love Halloween. I love it A LOT!!! I like to get dressed up and walk around with the kids so that I can eat all their chocolate and leave them all the smarties and tootsie rolls... So, that is my halloween themed imperfection... I am a chocolate stealing thief... That's right, when I say "its like taking candy from a baby..." Well, lets just say that I MEAN IT!!! ;)

We took this photo on Saturday after we took the kids "trunk-or-treating". For those of you who are saying trunk-or-whaaaa??? It is when you go to a church parking lot or somewhere like that and everyone decorates the trunks of their cars and the kids walk from car to car trick or treating... Its nice, it takes only an hour tops and the kids get as much candy or more than they would walking the neighborhood... And if you are like me then you can pull out all the good stuff and then re-use the other stuff on halloween to hand out at the door... BRILLIANT! (I am terrible I know...)

Happy Halloween folks. You can go see other imperfections here