Saturday, November 25, 2006

Busy busy week :)

WOW! What a busy week this has been!! Monday was Kayden's Birthday, he turned 5 years old. I can't believe it, I am really not sure how that much time has passed. But his birthday was great. In his kindergarten class they did the cutest little birthday thing for him. I got to go into his class and be the "sun" and he got to be the "earth". All the kids in his class sat in a circle on the floor around Kayden and I, while I sat in a chair that was surrounded by yellow "rays" of sunshine made from paper that had the months written on them. Kayden stood next to me holding a globe. His teacher walked in and started talking.

"In the Milkyway Galaxy, on the Planet Earth, on the Continent of North America, in the state of Arizona, in the city of Mesa... Kayden was born... And then he became a traveler!"

Kayden started walking around me stepping on the rays of sunshine while all the kids in his class sang.

"The Earth goes around the sun, Fa La La La La La La. The Earth goes around the Sun, Fa La La La La La La."

Kayden stopped and stood on November. And his teacher asked the class.

"How old is Kayden?"

Everyone in class yells out


And his teacher asked me something that happened when he was one. Then the whole thing was repeated. The class singing the song, while Kayden holding the globe walkes around me and eventually stops on November. They do this 5 times until he is "five" years old. And then his teacher brought him a candle to blow out and make a wish.

It was the GREATEST!!!! He was so proud of himself and he still is talking about how cool it was. :)

We had a little party for him today with just some family. Here are a couple pictures from that. You can click them to see them larger.

Also this week was Thanksgiving (as if you didn't already know that...). My parents and sister came into town for the holiday. It was really fun seeing them all. My parents are pretty cool, and my sister is freaking awesome. She and I had a good time staying up late talking and watching a zombie movie.

My Auntie Karen had us all over to her house and we all stuffed ourselves silly on turkey and mashed potatoes, and homeade rolls *yum*, and the best stuffing ever, and my homeade cranberry relish... Mmmmm... I am hungry again.

Somehow I ended up not getting many pictures of any of us on Thanksgiving, but I did get a few, and my sister got a couple too.

Here is me and my little sister Hye Soo. She is such a hottie, every guy she meets falls madly in love with her. :) And look at my teeny tiny pig tails... hehe.

And here is one of me and Kael playing around in the grass. Hye Soo took this one for me.

Here is one from today at Kaydens party.

I am soooo tired now. We have had a week full of late nights and lots of good times. I will miss my family (they are driving home in the morning), but we are going to go up to Utah to visit for Christmas. I can't wait!

Well, I should get going... I have a ton of dishes to clean up from the party today. But, before I go I will leave you with this little gem that my sister recorded today... warning. I am being totally STUPID. I was singing songs like Edith Bunker from the Archie Bunker show.... I warn you, it is bad... really bad. This is what a lot of late nights and hanging around my sister will do to me... Gheeeeee!!! And really, I don't always sing this badly, usually i am not quite this horrid ;)

Singing like Edith

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