Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poetry Thursday *If these walls could speak*

Okay, I have been a major slacker for the last long while. I started writing in this blog to stoke my creativity and inspire myself... And that is just what I intend to do Damnit! So, I am finally getting off my butt and participating in Poetry Thursday again.

This weeks suggested theme is If these walls could speak. Well, I originally started to write my own little poem but was interrupted by my fighting children... And suddenly my inspiration was gone (unless I wanted to write about the 4 walls I was about to lock my two older kids inside of so they could "work it out"... did anybody elses parents ever do that to them??? My mom and Aunt used to do that to my cousin and I when we would fight... but I digress) Anyhooooo, the lyrics to a Shawn Colvin song came to mind and I must say they are pretty much PERFECT for this weeks challenge... So perfect infact that I am going to bet somone else is going to have this same idea... I don't know yet I will have to go check everyones posts later tonight :)

So, without further adieu i give you the lyrics to Shawn Colvins lovely song If these Walls could Speak.

If these Walls could speak

If these old walls, if these old walls could speak.
What a tale they have to tell, hard headed people raisin' hell.
A couple in love livin' week to week.
Rooms full of laughter, if these old walls could speak.

If these old halls, if hallowed halls could talk.
These would have a tale to tell, the sun goin' down and dinner bells.
And children playin' at hide and seek.
From floor to rafters, if these old walls could speak.

They would tell you that I'm sorry.
For bein' and cold and blind and weak.
They would tell you that it's only that I have a stubborn streak.
If these old walls could speak.

If these old fashion window panes had eyes.
I guess they would have seen it all.
Each little tear and silence step fall.
And every dream that we came to seek,
And followed after, if these old walls could speak.

They would tell you that I owe you,
More that I could ever pay.
Here's someone who really loves you,
Don't ever go away.
That's what these walls would say.