Tuesday, November 07, 2006


November's theme for Self Portrait Challenge is Glam...

"Lets ditch those imperfections and go all out GLAM. Yes lets glam it up with some disco, diamonds and glitter.

I suggest some gorgeous shots - really over do it on the posing and makeup and dress ups and show us the extrovert you. The sexy mama in the kitchen with the peek-a-boo apron or how about some diamonds on those dungarees, stilettos, feathers and lycra. Looking for ideas then go no further than Glam Rock as your inspiration, KISS, David Bowie, and Queen and Garry Glitter. Glam means dressing androgynously in make up and glittery, florid costumes such as David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Get Glam everyone!"

So... I thought about it for a while and had a few idea's... but realized I do not have the wardrobe necessary to do what I was thinking... I do not own a stitch of clothing that would fit into my minds idea of "Glam"... I did however find an old black slip that I used to wear about 10 years ago under a cute little baby doll dress that would no longer fit me unless I lost about 15 pounds and did not mind my girly parts peeking out from under the hem... which I do mind so I don't wear it. I don't wanna go all Paris Hilton on everyone flashin' my business around town... but I digress... back to the slip... :)

The little black slip kinda looked like a little black dress... which as all women know is VERY glamorous. So.... *drum roll please* I give you a kinda glamorous looking Georgia in a pretend little black dress... which I realize now I mostly cropped out of the picture... DOH!

And then one more that I still kinda like but is not the one I chose for the challenge this week...