Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding Dress

Here I am a couple weeks after Chad and I got married, in his parents back yard for our second wedding reception (we had 2, one in Utah and one in Arizona). That is me... on the left in the wedding dress, and I am with my wonderful Auntie Beanhead (really her name is Karen I just started calling her beanhead when I lived with her after high school. I designed that dress myspelf, I wish i had a better picture of it... but alas I seem to have misplaced all of my wedding photo's except a few that other people took and gave to us... GAH!!!! I hope i find them when we move... *fingers crossed*

This is one of the more Glamorous days of my life, and until I get this new computer set up with Photo shop and all my other goodies I will have to settle for posting pictures that I have already scanned. Next week I have a DOOZY for you all... HA! You will get to see a WHOLE other side of me... You may have heard about it, but next week you will have the pleasure (or misfortune.. I can't decide which) of seeing me in a different light... Think plastic pants and corset tops... hehe

Go see other Glam people here.

Oh!!! I almost forgot to ask, does my blog show up funny on anyones screen? I used to use Safari as a browser and everything looked fine, but now I have switched to a different computer and I use Firefox or Internet Explorer... Both of them have my blog with the links all the way down at the bottom of the page below all my entries... and sometimes a video I posted up in the right hand column where my links all used to live when i used Safari... Just curious if it looks like this to anyone else... GRRRRR. I guess I am going to have to tweak my template or something.