Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Teenage Glam

Wow. The memories that these pictures bring back... It makes me giggle a little bit:)

It all started the summer I was 16... Our family was all in Connecticut visiting my grandparents (by all I mean ALL. My cousins were all there with their parents as well). We had just had a huge get together with all the extended family for the holiday and as things were winding down my cousin Harvest, her friend Tiffany, and I all got into my makeup bag and started playing around. I did Harvests make-up, she did Tiff's and Tiff did mine... We all made our hair up with my barrettes and headbands and what not, and then our cousin Joey walked around the neighborhood taking pictures of us. We walked to the corner store and posed out front. We walked to a bridal dress and prom dress store and pretended to be mannequins. We walked to the cemetery and took pictures hiding behind gravestones *creepy*... All in all it was a great time, Joey even let us put make-up on him, haha he looked sooooo funny. He was the coolest adult ever... He was in his 20's at the time. I wish I had a picture of him that night it would be GREAT blackmail material.

The dressing up did not stop there for me. I was kindof 'out there' I guess. I wore faux fur coats to school with lam`e (I don't know how to make that word look right... its that shiny fabric...) mini dresses and big platform jelly shoes. I wore zebras striped shirts and my beloved black plastic pants... And then the next day I would come all granola'd out with a little hippie flowy sundress thingie on over some old jeans and flip flops... Complete with a crocheted hat I stole from my mother that she wore in the 70's. I had several vintage dresses from the 60's and 70's that I wore with such style people were always jealous :) my favorite was a mini dress with the long bell sleeves. It was a horrible itchy polyester fabric with a white background and huge orange flowers. I wore it with knee high white boots... I loved my clothes!!!

But of all my wardrobe one of my favorite items was the afore mentioned pair of black plastic pants. I was the first one in my school brave enough to buy them and wear them. After I started wearing them several other people started to get them too... But I was first:) I loved those pants. They were shiny, and black, and sexy and comfy, and oh sooooo me. I wish I had more pictures of me in these pants, better pictures... But this is all I could find. And no, it was not Halloween... Just a random day in the life of Georgia. I don't dress like this anymore *sigh* but sometimes I wish I still had these pants.

I will leave you with several pictures I found. The first 2 are of me in my pants, although you can only see the pants in one picture... Just know that they are there.

I would have been just 17 in these first 2 as we had just moved into a new house, that is me in the unfinished basement.

And yes... I am totally grabbing my boobs. I don't remember why exactly but I do know it was because of something my mom had just said... In the original photo you can just barely see me mom looking at me with a look of confusion and horror on her face. I cropped it out because it did not scan well, but if you can imagine it that way it makes the picture even funnier.

And these next three are from the first time, the original 'Glam' photo shoot in Connecticut. July 4th 1996... Sixteen years old... Weird.

In the first photo Harvest is on the left and Tiffany is on the right.