Thursday, September 07, 2006


Written for a dear friend.

It is unedited and raw... and perhaps a little cheesy... But my friend knows that I am unedited and raw... and even a little cheesy :)

Written for a day long ago, for a memory that never fails to bring a smile... For my friend: I hope you are smiling now, and that you can discover more such moments. That you can have that connection we spoke of. Much love to you, and thank you as always for all these years. From sliding down the banana slides at Disney Land, and walking around in the middle of the night on Halloween after your fight with "The Crow", to sitting in the car and speaking volumes in silence while watching the stars.

Give me a moment
Something to cling to when its dark
Something to remember

Give me a memory
Somthing to think on when I'm cold
Like that day in December

Searching the faces in the crowd
I found you
Standing by a pillar

In that moment there was
Nothing else beyond us
You and I together

These moments come fast
Flying away all too quickly
please try to remember

These moments don't last
I wont forget, I'll hold on
Like that day in December