Tuesday, September 19, 2006

With the Hubby

Well, I had to dig into the archives for this one. Chad (hubby) is not very obliging in allowing me to take many pictures of him. He HATES pictures infact so I have very few of the two of us together... *sigh* But sometimes, he makes me smile and lets me take a few. This is one of those few. Taken earlier this year at the Sand Dunes.

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The first time we met I kneed him in the balls... Since then I have done that a few more times, and given him a bloody nose... ( I cannot be held responsible for the things that happen when I am being tickled...)

He is rather conservative compared to me... I am much more Liberal.

He wore pink fuzzy slippers everywhere we went for about a year... I finally gave in and bought him a pair of pink bunny ones.

We are Mormon... He had lots of scriptural knowledge... I have lots of life knowledge.

I wore a nose ring (rather well I should add)... He despised it and begged me to take it out.

He likes my hair to be "normal"... I really really want my hair to be green and pink.

I am trying to decide exactly where I want my tattoo... He just asks that it is small and inconspicuous.

His idea of heaven is going to the Dunes with a toy hauler, some quads, and a sandrail... I would like to sit on a cliff overlooking the ocean, tasting the salty breeze.

He is a technological whiz... I am technologically challenged... But I am learning:)

He listens to Metallica... It makes my ears bleed, I prefer the hippie acoustic stuff:)

I want to live all over the world... He wants to stay near family and friends.

I want adventure... He wants stability

He has to force me to spend any money on myself... I almost have a heart attack when he MAKES me spend it.

I LOVE going to the movies... He likes to watch them at home where he controls the sound and he can pause it.

He thinks flowers are a waste of money, instead he buys me art supplies... I love flowers, but I love my art supplies even more.

We ground eachother.
We are the best of friends.
We teach eachother to see and appreciate the differences in everyone.
We have amazing conversations.
We almost never fight... ALMOST.
We have built a great life.
We have beautiful children.
We help eachother get through the difficult times with grace and dignity.
We are perfect for eachother in all of our imperfections.
We are soul mates...

I love my husband Chad.