Wednesday, September 27, 2006

With Sarah

The first time I actually remember talking to Sarah she told me that she had just told her mom and step-dad if they did not buy her a kitten she was going to get pregnant, she also told me she was saving up her money (she had a job at KFC) to run away... I would have been about 14 years old at the time, and she was 15.

I knew who Sarah was, as we went to school together and our wards met in the same church building, just at different times. On this particular day I was walking home from church and she was ditching church. She walked up next to me and just started talking. We had never spoken before and within 15 minutes I knew where she worked, who she liked, and many other things I will just keep under my hat. I don't think I actually said much at all, and once I got where I was going we parted ways and I did not think much of it after that.

Fast forward about 2 years. I am now 16 years old working at KFC. Another girl named Alexis has just started working with me. I went to elementary school and junior high with her, now we are in High school together too... However we were never friends.

One night after work we decide to go out for ice cream and we REALLY hit it off. We immediately become fast friends, and she tells me that her best friend Sarah will be coming home soon. I realize that this is the same Sarah who had told me about wanting to get pregnant if she could not have that kitty...

Alexis tells me that for the last 14 months Sarah has been in a program for troubled teens called Turnabout. She is coming home in a few weeks, and Alexis can hardly wait to see her again. They have been allowed limited contact through letters since Sarah was sent away. She tells me all about Sarah, and I in turn start to feel excited about meeting her again. It seems we have a lot in common.

Well, the day came that Sarah came home, and the first place she came after seeing her family was to KFC. Our boss Scott offered her a job right away and after thinking for a while her mom allowed her to take it. Who would have guessed that Lexi, Sarah, and I would become such good friends.

From that day on the three of us were inseparable. We worked the same shifts, tried to have the same classes at school... And on nights where for some reason one of us was not working but another one was we would all meet at closing and close the shop together regardless of being on the clock or not. We would go to Village Inn late at night and bear our souls. We would stay the night at eachothers houses each weekend. We were the three stooges.

One day we found out that Sarah was moving to California. We were all devastated and my mom offered to let Sarah live with us. Her mom and Step-dad said no... So off they went to California. It lasted only a month before her Mom called mine and asked if the offer still stood. Sarah was unhappy and her mom felt it would be best to let her come back and have here senior year with us. So... A week later Sarah moved in with me.

We were roommates for quite some time as her bedroom was not finished. We literally slept in the same bed, shared the same clothes, drove the same car in to school everyday (we had a 25 minute commute to my school because we had moved to a new home), worked the same schedule at work, had MANY of the same classes at school, and drove home together at the end of the night. We never really fought much. Sometimes we would get mad at eachother when one of us made a stupid decision with a guy (Oy!!! We were sooooo stupid!) but for the most part we got along perfectly. We had eachother's backs in EVERYTHING. We had oh so many adventures... And misadventures together. We completed eachothers sentences, read eachothers thoughts, and understood eachother when nobody else possibly could have.

Eventually our senior year ended. We graduated, Sarah moved out of my parents house in to a rented house, and I moved to Arizona. We both sent many letters to eachother, ran up huge phone bills, and tried to adjust to life without being near to our dearest friend. Somehow we adjusted, and moved on in our lives. Somehow we had a falling out over something so stupid I have a hard time actually thinking about it. Somehow we both got over ourselves and after nearly two years of not talking she called me and we talked, and talked, and talked... Now we talk every week on the phone. We see eachother only once or twice a year *sigh* but we are still close like we were so many years ago. Still we can know what the other is thinking without them having to say, and we still both feel a pull when the other is having a difficult time and we know it is time to call.

I love my Sarah.