Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SPC: IHOPpin' it with Jessica

September is with someone month - that means you must include someone else in your self portrait. Someone meaningful to your life or to the moment or to a specific event that you wish to document.

1. each week in the month use a different person in your self portait.
2. either talk about that person or illustrate in the photograph why you have included them and how they are meaningful.

Allrighty then:) Well... for week number one I chose my dear Jessi B. Jessica and I have been friends for nearly 4 years now. We met at ASMT (Arizona School of Massage Therapy) when we were both training for our new jobs as Classroom Managers at that school. Little did we know at the time that we would become such good friends.

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Our friendship actually started when one night we went to IHOP and stayed up far too late talking and laughing after work. Thus IHOP night was born. Once... sometimes twice a week after work we would go to IHOP and stay there till the wee hours of morning. wE would laugh and cry and laugh some more. Other CM's started joining us and soon it was THE place to be on a Thursday night. The conversations we had... The things we did:) *sigh* I miss it soooo!!! I do believe that IHOP was one of my favorite memories of the 2 years I worked there. I grew to love these friends of mine so much there.

Well, on Sunday night a Jessi B. and I decided to go to IHOP. Jessica M. was also supposed to meet us there but she could not make it :( She will have to come next time... The night was SO great. It was also VERY needed, I think for both of us as we had both had very odd and stressful days.

The trip was not QUITE what it always used to be... we were at a different IHOP, with a different waitress (We used to have a waiter named Big John who was just awesome, and so loveable. He always knew what we were ordering before we ordered and had a caraffe of Dr. Pepper ready for us when we walked in. He would sit with us and talk while we were there for hours and hours.) But all in all it was a lovely evening and just what each of us needed.

I just love my Jessica, she is such a good friend and being able to hang with her the other night was a treat. Hooray for good friends and IHOP food!!! :)

And, for kicks here is an OLD IHOP picture from about 3 years ago... It is Me, Jessi B, and the guy in the middle is my dear friend Bryant. Oh, how I love my IHOP friends... Such good times.

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