Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hanging with Jetty Spagetti

This week I am with my Jett. I seem to spend most of my time with him these days as Kayden is now in school and Kael takes a rather long nap everyday.

It has been really fun getting to spend so much time with him. He is hilarious. He makes the funniest faces when he talks and he is always so excited... He is also your typical two year old. Major attitude... He loves to tell me NO MOMMY, you NOT the charge of me! And he tries to tell us all what to do. But, even with his ginormous attitude he is just about the sweetest kid ever. I just love my Jetty Spagetti :)

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Today we went outside while Kael was napping and shot this picture. I was showing him a trail of ants that was moving through the grass to their hill by the sidewalk. He was VERY excited about the "spiders" as he called them. All bugs are either "car roaches" or spiders to him, I try to teach him the real names, but I still think its funny when he see's a fly or a moth and he squeals "CAR ROACH!!!!!!".

We named him Jett because of how he was born. I was in labor for only an hour and about 15 minutes total. This kid was in a hurry to start life. He was in such a hurry that our midwife (we do home birth) was not able to make it in time so my wonderful hubby got to do it all himself! :) When Pam (midwife) got to our house a few minutes later she jokingly said we should name him Jett because he was so fast. So, we did:)