Monday, April 16, 2007

Birthday Fesitivities have ended... Cleansing has begun

Last Wednesday it was my birthday, this Wednesday will be my hubby's birthday. I am 27, and Chad will be 28.

Chad told me I am FORBIDDEN to buy him anything. He apparently already had the whole birthday thing planned out. We usually do our birthdays together because they are so close. So, he kept me guessing for a week or two but I finally found out this weekend:)

Saturday Chad went out with his friend Dave for a while, and when they came back they were carrying this big huge black thing into my house. "Where do you want it?" Chad asked me. I was still unsure what "it" was, until I got closer and noticed it was a TREADMILL! I have wanted one for, oh... I don't know, FOREVER! So I am beyond excited about this. If you could see me you would see "excited" on my face right now, but since you cannot, I will do this instead... :D

Then, yesterday Chad and I went out for our birthdays. It was great! We drove around looking for a pretty place to pull over and take pictures (he NEVER lets me take pictures of him) and we finally decided on a golf course we saw off the road... So we pulled over and parked next to the canal. Slipped over a fence that said "No Trespassing" found a nice spot and shot a few pictures together:) I did not have a tripod with me so I had to set the camera on a rock to get the shots (which turned out kinda crappy) we were in a hurry because it smelled REALLY bad there... I mean, rotten egg, something died here bad. So we only got a few shots... all of which are junk. But it was FUN!

After that we went to eat at Chili's, kindof a farewell to delicious, greasy, fried, bad for me foods (I started the Master Cleanse today)... We shared an order of appetizers, the Southwestern Egg rolls *yum* and chicken crispers. Chad had some kind of chicken for dinner, I had a Caesar side salad and a side of mashed potatoes with cracked pepper gravy, and MASS quantities of Dr. Pepper. Oh how I am going to miss my Dr. Pepper, delicious Dr. Pepper... Sweet elixir of life, and making me fat. *sigh*

After dinner it was off to the movies where we saw The Reaping, which I liked. Usually these kinds of movies are very predictable, but this one had me guessing. I did not figure out the ending before hand, so that makes it a good movie in my book. Chad was even impressed, even though there was some girl there who was texting on her phone through the ENTIRE movie... SERIOUSLY!!! Why bother going to the movies if you are just going to sit there on your phone the entire time, will your social life suffer irreparable damage if you shut off your damn phone for 2 hours? GAH!

So, all in all it was a great night, except for text girl and her amazing sidekick *insert sarcasm here*. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store so I could pick up a few items I needed for the cleanse I am doing, more on that later.

But yeah, all in all this birthday was perfection. I feel a little weird not getting the Hubby anything since I am strictly verboten to do so... but maybe I will make him something!

Anyhow, I am off to fold laundry and other such housewifey duties. I will try to post tonight about the cleanse thus far.

I leave you with some photo's of my birthday flowers Chad gave me on Wednesday, did I forget to mention that he brought me flowers and pizza on Wednesday? *swoon* My grandmother also gave me some tiny roses on Thursday, so there is a photo or two of those as well :) Most of these photo's have not been retouched other than just resizing. A couple I had to adjust the color balances on because I have a REALLY crappy light set-up. I basically used a desk lamp :)

Birthday flowers are all clickable :)