Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm gonna change it up, make up my own rules!

That is the face that I make when I think about drinking that Salt Water flush.... The mixture of 32 oz water and 2 teaspoons sea salt... The mixture that I try telling myself is the most DELICIOUS soup I have ever tasted... And then I puke. Yup, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. And get THIS!!! The salt water flush is supposed to flush everything from your insides correct? I imagined I would be sitting at the toilet all day, I imagined it would be as Thea put it "like someone had aimed a fire hose into the toilet." I was completely prepared for it in fact. Armed with extra toilet paper, some reading material... candles and air freshener even! And can I tell you, nothing! That is right folks, not a damn thing happened. Not a gurgle, not a bubble, not even a FART! I waited and waited and not a thing happened?!?!?! What is up with that?

The drink itself, is not bad. Not bad at all in fact. I actually enjoy it, and was craving it a bit. I make it with slightly less maple syrup than the 2 tablespoons they recommend per glass, and it is perfection. The cayenne pepper gives it a little bite, but it works for me, gives my taste buds a bit of a tickle.

I drank 6 glasses of the lemonade yesterday, and of course 32 whopping oz of stale sea water... And lots of water. Over all I felt GREAT, until the headache kicked in. OH.MY.HELL. I have a SERIOUS caffeine addiction people. It felt like my face and skull were cracking. *ouch*

When it was dinner time I made the hubby and kids rigatoni with meat sauce... I hate meat sauce, cuz it has tomato sauce in it, blech. That was nice because it repulsed me and I didn't want any. But...

Here it is guys, I totally caved. I ate a biscuit! And what a DIVINE biscuit it was too. It was soft, and crumbly, and flaky, and buttery, and honey-ey :) Sooo yummy. Yeah, I didn't even get through the first day! But now I must explain the reason.

A couple weeks ago the Hubby signed us up to host a friendship dinner with some other couples from church. Kind of a get to know each other type thing. We do the main dish, then assign each of them to bring a side or dessert. ANYHOW, it just so happens that we are doing that this Friday night... Yeah, hosting a big dinner while on the cleanse, not so great. And Saturday one of my best friends had invited us to come over to her place for a BBQ to meet her fiancé, who will be in town from Texas. Yeah, this weekend would not work well with the cleanse.

What I have decided to do is to drink the lemonade for breakfast and possibly lunch each day until Sunday, and have a nice portion controlled dinner. I will still drink the tea at night too... Its YUMMY! On Sunday I will start again. This time the hubby said he will do it with me too! So, that is a bonus. I will also be using the new treadmill in an attempt to not look scary in a swim suit this summer.

I know, I know.... It would still be totally doable to just not eat at those 2 functions, but...

I will try to post again later today, I still need to post my nominations for The Thinking Blogger Award. That's right, I got nominated!!! Me? A thinking blogger??? That makes me giggle a little, but it also makes me smile:)