Friday, April 27, 2007

Master Cleanse days 4 & 5

Well, as far as the cleanse goes day 4 went well. I went through the day doing all the cleansey things, salt water flush in the a.m., about 6 glasses of lemonade, around 64 oz. of water. I was not hungry, I did have a few fleeting cravings through out the day but nothing too bad.

Then... It happened.

I was sitting down watching Grey's Anatomy with the hubby... He was munching on some m&m's. It was a very intense episode, and I was VERY into it. And suddenly my husband looked at me, grabbed my hand away from my mouth and said in a loud voice, "Are you eating my m&m's?" I looked at my hand in horror, and tried to answer him... But a piece of peanut m&m flew from my mouth and landed with a hollow clink onto our coffee table.

Yes, I totally ate some m&m's! I didn't even realize it either which is kind of really strange. I mean, how often does this happen that I eat without even knowing it? Could explain the extra 15 lbs I have put on in the last 5 months... Or, it could be the 44 oz fountain Dr. Pepper I have been drinking every morning for breakfast. I am going with the sleep eating, even though I was 100% awake.

Well, we figured it was only a few m&m's... That we are aware of anyways ;) So, it would not harm the effects of the cleanse too badly. Right? RIGHT?!?! So, I went on about the cleanse as normal.

So this brings us to today. Today, not so bad either. It was a nice day outside, the birds were singing, the sun was shining... And... I had a leeetle piece of bread. And, then did the rest of the day like I would regularly on the cleanse.

Hrmmmm... I believe there is a pattern developing here.

SO, I got to thinking... I think that I am going back to my modified way of doing the cleanse. Yes, I do realize that it will not actually be the cleanse this way. But, I think that drinking the lemonade for breakfast was working very well. I was exercising every morning, eating a small healthy lunch, and a healthy dinner. I don't want to say that I am giving up... But I think that for me this might be the best solution. I have thought about it a lot, and I was really doing the cleanse to drop some weight... which I have. I have lost a little over 7 pounds in these 5 days. I can't say that doesn't make me grin a bit. But, I think it would be best for me to get into the habit of a good exercise routine, eating healthier, and drinking more water before I attempt this cleanse again. And I will do this cleanse again, I just need to be in the proper mindset to do it. I would like to be focused on the health aspect of it instead of the weight aspect, and that requires some changes in my every day life...

So, for now I am off the cleanse. I cannot say it was a waste at all though, because it forced me to get off the Dr. Pepper, I am drinking much more water, and I have a desire to make some changes. I am sure I will still drink my beloved soda, but not 44 oz a day like I had been. I will also probably eat foods that are not great for me at times, but I will be trying to make conscious decisions about the foods I choose. I will be trying to focus on the healthy side of things, and try to be aware of when I am shoveling those m&m's into my mouth. :)