Wednesday, April 04, 2007

She's got legs!

It's April now, which means a new theme for the Self Portrait Challenge. The theme is (insert drum roll here) THE BODY!!!
And behold... THE RULES:

march was a bit of light hearted fun - connecting us with the internet and online sources of inspiration and tools. But for April I think we need a challenge…a tighter parameter and to connect with ourselves, our physical selves. I think this might be challenge for many and for others it might be easy. Whatever the case I want everyone to challenge themselves - push their boundaries and limits. photograph your good bits, bad bits, wobbly bits and sexy bits. photograph it all and show us your body. - I don’t expect to see any traditional portraits, no pretty faces or full body shots, rather bits and extracts of your self.

Well, I am not sure I am wanting to share any wobbly bits (oh... I have them!) I can't seem to find the sexy bits (the hubby says I have them...)or the bad bits even... So, I share with you something I like about me today. My legs.

Today I like my legs. I was informed once by my friend Luke that a bunch of the guys were hanging out one weekend and the conversation turned to me, and my "tan, shapely legs". *wicked grin* I admit it, I LOVED every second of it, and the next day at school I made it a point to wear my very short teal lamé mini dress and sit down to lunch with them. I was a hopeless flirt.

I think my legs are rather nice, still. Even after I had 3 kids, gained massive amounts of weight during pregnancy (70 lbs) and then lost *some* of it. My legs never really seemed to change much... my hips are a bit wider, and sometimes when I have gained weight, my thighs will start to touch together in the middle (something which I HATE with every bone in my body)... but for the most part they are the same. And for the most part I tend to like my legs.

And just because I had a few, here are the other photo's I took.

And I had to add this one because Jett saw it and said "It's a "MOMMY MONSTER!!!" The big eye and weird angle make me think of this movie.

Do you see the resemblance???

Oh, and I should have the rest of my Utah trip up today... tonight? Sometime soon.